blended families/not step families

  1. momo6kids1968 profile image60
    momo6kids1968posted 8 years ago

    okay,i have 6 kids.3 older ones,3 younger ones,4 girls 2 boys,the older boy 14 the youngest 20mos..why i waited 9 yrs after my first son i'll never know.i have always had a problem raising them togrther and treating each one ansd punishing each 1 as an there anyone who is similar to me and how onn earth do i create a peaceful home so the little ones are'nt constantly exposed to the older ones tyrades.
    The older ones were not exposed to what my little ones see ,which is i believe why my younger ones act up.I don't believe that if a woman  my age had her first she would'nt be as exhausted as me,since i more or less already raised the first three,see there i go again,i need help!

  2. smokenchic profile image53
    smokenchicposted 8 years ago

    I would set clear boundaries, for the older children, and f they step over that line, then follow threw with said punishment. U can't place the blame on the older children. Step up to the plate and do what a parent must do. In the end your children will thank you. I do believe children thrive on boundaries, discipline, respect, and of course a lot of understanding. Also set up a place if u can just for older, and just for younger, if this is a doable thing then give each group (young and Old) time to do there thing and vice a versa. Good luck.