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I need help to keep a perfectly well behaved child out of foster care. Her fathe

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    sallie johnsonposted 6 years ago

    I need help to keep a perfectly well behaved child out of foster care.
    Her father wants it i

    my ex wants to punish our innocent daughter and place her in foster care because she wants to live with me How can I stop this The judge is a strange person who looks at us not the needs of the child we have had a 50/50 that worked well until he hurt my daughter now hell is upon us...He has no family that could help, has severe control issues and is angry that I am very happily remarried and she is happier when here   804-276-0776   HELP FAST PLEASE....Our daughter has never been in trouble except at her fathers house in his eyes if we don't agree on a solution the judge is threatening foster

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    Nan Mynattposted 6 years ago

    I think that you need a counselor to intervene in this situation. I am sorry to say that most judges are difficut to deal with.  They say that the child comes first and that is their only conern. Get a counselor's report and have it ready to present to the judge. Also you need an attorney to represent you in the court presentation. No child needs to be in a foster home rather than their own home, with one or both parets.

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    destinyinc02posted 6 years ago

    is there a reason she is not with you? The courts will place a child with the natural parents, when ever possible or relative. That's is the 1st choice. Your ex can threaten fostering all he wants, but if your home is a safe loving enviroment, She will be placed with you. We are former foster parents,and our kids were not with relatives because it was not considered safe. Only you know the answer to this.
    But if you are a safe home then petition the court to provide you with temporary custody of your daughter, until you can get a permanent custody hearing.

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    Qmarpatposted 2 years ago

    You need a lawyer. It's not a good idea to post your phone number, the site is international, you open yourself for fraud and harassment. I'm just now seeing this, so it may not be a issue, now. You can in the future go your city's superior court site and file papers, to adjust rulings. I wish you good luck.