Has a past "Baby Momma" or "Baby Daddy" caused you to view you partner's kids in

  1. Limeline99 profile image72
    Limeline99posted 6 years ago

    Has a past "Baby Momma" or "Baby Daddy" caused you to view you partner's kids in a negative way?

    Have the irrational behaviors of your signifigant other's past partner destroyed the relationship you have with any children they conceived together?

  2. Shaisty-Chase-Tea profile image59
    Shaisty-Chase-Teaposted 6 years ago

    i don't have kids, but my best friend has two to the same person and they had been broken up and back together on and off since they were in there early teens... he doesn't not 'love' her but thinks she is too insecure, about a weight issue maybe because he told a joke and she dissed him heavily, it's her irresponsibility that irks him, she had a third child to a different father and my friend came back after that jumble of distress left, and lived with his kids again, but she pressed on and kept trying to 'get over' as in needing money for something recreational while things needed taken seriously... as their income was divided between two checks of the same amount... so my best friend says he has two kids and a baby moms, so i three kids officially

  3. wychic profile image89
    wychicposted 6 years ago

    No, not for me -- my husband's first wife comes across as very self-centered, and cheated on him (precipitating their divorce). They had three daughters, and I don't think badly of any of them on that basis, everyone is their own person. His second wife seems really nice, they just had issues that didn't work out, and I get along great with their son. I don't know if I would get along with HER so well if she were closer, but just because I'm a jealous person and it's hard for me to get over it when my husband has praise for her but not for me, but that's no one's problem but my own tongue.