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Having trouble giving my son vegetables what should I do?

  1. jake13edward profile image60
    jake13edwardposted 6 years ago

    Having trouble giving my son vegetables what should I do?

    My son will not eat vegetables and is 5.So I was wonder what methods I should use to get him to eat vegetables?

  2. bash98 profile image58
    bash98posted 6 years ago

    Feeding children with vegetables can be a little nerve-wrecking however if you are clever there are ways to make your son eat veggies. Try making smoothies, kids love it. Blend bananas, apple, strawberries, carrots etc. these are colourful fruits that are rich in vitamins, pureeing carrots in tomato sauce on your spaghetti is one way of feeding your son. Substitute foods say for example if your kid loves cucumber, use zucchini instead and try to cut it up like a rounded shape similar to that of a cucumber slices. Just try to be creative and be a role model for your child, let him show that you enjoy eating vegetables and tell him how important they are. Good luck!

  3. Kiki J profile image59
    Kiki Jposted 6 years ago

    Dear Jake

    1. An infallible method is to make a vegie pattie - combine shredded  or finely chopped raw vegetables with a little cornflour or plain flour, a little milk and beaten egg, then fry in little oil.

    2. Vegetables pureed are also yummy, looks like potato puree.

    3. A nice white sauce hiding the vegies is good.

    4. Lastly there are soy sauce mixes, mild mustard/mayo and sweet chilli sauces 
       you could douse it in.

    Good luck, make sure you enjoy eating these at the same time, too!!

  4. Ask KayB profile image61
    Ask KayBposted 6 years ago

    Make it extra tasty..Kids dont enjoy veggies like us adults..I usually mix spinach with cheese to make it creamy and broccoli with cheese and milk..for carrots and celery, add ranch or blue cheese for them to dip it in.. dealing with kids and vegetables you have to be very creative as you can. Dont back down. Kids need it just like we do.