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Define a bad parent.

  1. rlaha profile image70
    rlahaposted 6 years ago

    Define a bad parent.

    It doesn't just have to be abuse or negligence.  If you go out somewhere and you notice a parent not acting like a parent in front of their kid (s), does that make them a bad parent?

  2. prettydarkhorse profile image64
    prettydarkhorseposted 6 years ago

    as long as they are being a good model, in words plus action

  3. SimpleGiftsofLove profile image79
    SimpleGiftsofLoveposted 6 years ago

    YES riaha, it does.  Bad parenting includes rewarding a child with money or gifting or food to control bad behavior.  When a child exhibits unlawful behavior and a parent commends them and then gets them out of it, there is l no lesson learned except that irresponsible behavior is ok.

  4. moiragallaga profile image82
    moiragallagaposted 6 years ago

    Setting a bad example for their children is being a bad parent. These are the types who go by the principle "do as I say, not what I do." Kids are more likely to internalize  behavior and actions that have seen seen as compared to following what they are told to do.

  5. jacqui2011 profile image84
    jacqui2011posted 6 years ago

    Not being a good role model is my definition of being a bad parent. Not teaching them right from wrong is a bad parent in my book.

  6. Cat R profile image75
    Cat Rposted 6 years ago

    Apart from cruelty and neglect...

    Parenting is a 24/7/365 thing that doesn't end at the 18th birthday mark! While everybody may see different reasons to call somebody a bad parent, it is really the lack of effort you put in it.

    If you did the best you can and your kids turned out aweful, at least you tried! I know a lot of kids that turned out great despite parents that weren't involved at all.

    If you want to put it in a few short words: Lack of Effort!

  7. beautyspot2010 profile image57
    beautyspot2010posted 6 years ago

    someone that puts themselves before their children

  8. greatparenting profile image60
    greatparentingposted 6 years ago

    A bad parent, beyond the obviously negligent or cruel parent, is one who fails to understand that you teach your child every minute, every day. Everything you do or say matters, as your child takes it all to heart. Parenting is relentless. It's rewarding, too, but it's not for the fainthearted. One must keep in mind, though, that a single day or incident of "bad" parenting doesn't make a bad parent. Even good parents have bad days. A good parent is one who really wants to be a good parent. A bad parent really doesn't care what kind of parent he or she is.

  9. skylergreene profile image59
    skylergreeneposted 6 years ago

    One who doesn't provide their children with a positive environment to grow up in.

    This doesn't mean they have to be wealthy, or flawless, or anything like that -- just that they have to do their best to make sure that negative influences are kept away from their kids, and they also have to do their best to be a good role model and provider.

  10. massyhoriton profile image58
    massyhoritonposted 6 years ago

    Bad parent includes rewarding a child with money and food. They not control his bad behavior.....