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Do you talk to your teenage boys about sex and the consequences of possible pare

  1. dmcgaw profile image59
    dmcgawposted 6 years ago

    Do you talk to your teenage boys about sex and the consequences of possible parenthood?

    Many of us talk to our daughters about this but how many are talking to our boys about it?  My daughter was pregnant at 16 and the father was a 15 year old boy who had very little parenting.  As a result we've made extra sure to talk to my 14 year old son about sex and what we would expect of him if he became a parent.


  2. mommytalks profile image61
    mommytalksposted 6 years ago

    Wow, Shahid....just wow!

    1) This is HubPages. Learn to write a complete sentence. This was next to impossible to read.
    2) Um, yes society has problems, but it is OUR job as parents to TEACH, not ignore.
    3) I have NO IDEA how you make the jump to "fun killings" from teen pregnancy?!
    4) I am sorry you think "normal" does not include sex education. I am sorry for your children, too.
    5) The O.P. NEVER said her problems were yours.
    6) Sex is a debilitating problem? Or mistakes? Or what? Debilitating means to make someone weak? So, a mistake made in adolescence makes someone weak? We must all be pretty pathetic then cuz the teen years are riddled with mistakes!
    7) Real human values IS talking to your kids about sex. You can bring scriptures into it or not, that's your choice as a parent.
    8) The rest barely makes sense. I think you are trying to suggest that talking to kids about sex is leading them "by the nose" to sin?! Really?! The logic is just ... ok, well, it ISN'T logically!
    9) *MY* mommy taught me about sex. She also taught me that if I had nothing nice to say that I should keep my mouth shut!
    10) Just to end on a nice even number..... TROLL!!!

  3. Jennywrites429 profile image59
    Jennywrites429posted 6 years ago

    For anyone who says they came from a "normal" home had more problems than the rest!  Kids learn from their peers when not taught at home.  I am appalled at Shahid's response.  Extremely close minded and ridiculous! VERY ridiculous!

    I believe in teaching my kids in the home and for them NOT to fend for themselves and pick up things as they go along in life as Shahid seems to think is the right way to live.  Sounds like that person is one of those parents that believes the ONLY person to teach their kids is the teacher in the school system.  I homeschool my kids because I want to make sure they are getting a FULL education, and not just rely on the public school system or even a private school.  I want to teach my kids about sexual education and the pros and cons.  I want my kids to know everything about it, so that they don't learn through trial and error.

    I feel very bad for any offspring of this person who is NOT taught in the home.  Our society is the way it is FOR the thought of it's everyone ELSES responsiblity to teach our children.

    Teen pregnancy happens!  Adult pregnancy happens out of wedlock! I think that is more stupid than teens who it happens to because Adults SHOULD know better..Teens are at a point of testing their limits, and unfortunately your daughter tested the limit, maybe didn't believe it.. but I bet she does now! I commend you as you have been the most amazing strength for your daughter through this time.  I hope that your daughter does the right thing for her baby, and I'm sure she will.

    I also feel bad for the boyfriend, but there's still hope!  He's sticking around which is a lot more than many other guys can say who had a child out of wedlock! He's 15, and still apart of his baby's life! He just needs to get out of this teenage mentality and he could be good to go.. We never know.

    Great question!

  4. BecauseIloveyou profile image37
    BecauseIloveyouposted 6 years ago

    I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of almost 8 and I can see, how much struggle is out there with very young teens, not just sexual, but also in all other areas of life. Since our society is on the way to extinct it self with STDs, Aids, teenage suicide, abortionist.... all these "liberated" Americans have an answer to everything.Sorry to say very few are good answers.
    My children are the MOST valuable possession, I will take to heaven with me, since life is not only on this earth. I would NEVER let a thing like sexuality undiscussed. We parents HAD these children and it is our responsibility - no the school, not the government- to give them all we can (no material possession  necessary) for them to be an asset to the next generation. As parents we ARE able to shelter, nurture and educate our kids in ALL they need to know to make a happy life for themselves.
    Sexuality is not just addressed, but EXPLAINED from God's perspective. When these kids have a reason to live with understanding, perusing what truly makes them happy, they would not even SEEK pleasure in all the wrong places.
    I am not talking out of my ear: Our 3 children married virgin (my one son in law was married before, which really doesn't make for a super terrific marriage). The other 5 have great relationships. My son and daughter in law are married 11 year- no divorce in sight. My youngest daughter is married 5 years. they almost have their houses paid for, no worries, raising their children, All 3 girls are stay home Mom's. They have hobbies like Photography, Pottery, which gives them earnings besides their husband's income. Thy live biblically and evidently it works to make them fulfilled and happy.
    If you do NOT educate your children about life, sex and joyful living, who will? I am sure someone will come along and do a bang up dumb job of it. I pray for you and your situation. I hope this helps.