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Are children being overprotected?

  1. Danieljohnston profile image86
    Danieljohnstonposted 5 years ago

    Are children being overprotected?

    I was slapped when I deserved it and turned out fine...

    I see a bunch of children rolling around screaming in isles at supermarkets, children threatening parents, and all this other crap that positive reinforcement will do nothing to help.

    I'm not saying abuse them or anything like that, but slight negative reinforcement when they are being bad has turned into "abuse" and being an evil person...

  2. bryteyedgemini profile image86
    bryteyedgeminiposted 5 years ago

    I think to some extent they are, people are not being realistic about the difference between abuse and disapline, however in todays world there are some instances where they need to be overprotected

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      Clementine8posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I think we need to be careful about linking any sort of hitting of a child as discipline. People have different views of what discipline is. For you a smack may be ok, for another a smack with a belt is ok and for another a closed fist smack is ok.

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    Clementine8posted 5 years ago

    I don't believe a child should ever be smacked. Its hypocritical for a parent to say we dont hit, ok now I do. Yes I believe there are many children who have learned unacceptable behaviours but society has changed and children these days are under immense pressure. Many spend up to 60 hours a week in preschools learning behaviours in a dog eat dog world. The kind child who shares isnt going to get the best toys. Both parents are busy at home and have little time to reinforce positive behaviours. You can see a child screaming on the floor in the supermarket and hear the parent saying, "no you can not have it.....ok you can" Lesson learned...screaming gets me what I want. You dont need to smack them, just dont give in to them and next time there will not be the screaming.
    I think in many ways children are over protected in the way they no longer play with sticks in the mud and do things children need to do. But on the other hand children have been left at the park all day alone so mum can go to work because child care is too expensive. So it swings both ways. Children need to be children, they need to run, jump, get muddy but they also need love and to be heard and they need a parents time and attention. Which sadly in this busy world is often lacking.