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Potty Training With Baby Sign Language

  1. kathyn profile image54
    kathynposted 8 years ago

    YES!!! Potty Training can be easier when you and your child use sign language!  I would love to hear from anyone who has used our Baby Signs Potty Training Program OR from anyone who is interested in learning more....

  2. pioneer_writer5 profile image56
    pioneer_writer5posted 8 years ago

    When I potty trained my children way back when . No Potty Training program existed.

  3. hellomoo profile image54
    hellomooposted 8 years ago

    I haven't tried but would be open to it with my daughter. I will start trying with her this summer, she will be 18 months late summer. Any ideas or suggestions would be great. I would love to hear from anyone who has experience with it, good or bad.

    1. christy scalia profile image56
      christy scaliaposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      That is a little early. I don't have girls but my cousins do. The best thing is to talk to her and show her the potty. Around 2 years of age start letting her feel how it is to wear panties. She will have a few accidents with them on. She will not like it and should start letting you know that she needs to go. Good luck. It just takes patience.

  4. double_frick profile image61
    double_frickposted 8 years ago

    18 months is young to expect to be potty training, even a girl.
    my son, i guess we let him wait quite a while to be ready to potty train, but i got restless when he was almost 3. a week later he was potty trained and haven't had problems with accidents. he makes parenting seem easy though, my daughter may be trickier.
    when my son had a good concept of the potty and what goes on on the potty i just took his diaper away and put shorts on him. he had maybe two accidents before making sure he went when he felt he urge to go.
    i've heard this method works for many children, but at 18 months i would just introduce the potty and talk about it. let her sit on it and explore, nothing too serious. as soon as the pressure is on kids dig their heels in.

  5. christy scalia profile image56
    christy scaliaposted 8 years ago

    I have two boys. They are 10 and 5. Boys are so much harder than girls to potty train. My ten year old was the hardest. He didn't want to do anything when it came to using the potty. Don't really remember how he started doing it. My 5 year old wasn't to hard. The easiest way with him was letting him do number one outside. After a while he just started going to the bathroom to do number one. At age 3 he was doing number one in the bathroom and always said " I need to go bathroom ". It was harder for number 2. He alway hide behind the chair to do that and then say he was done. He finally got tired of that in his pants. At age 3 and 1/2 almost closer to 4 he started telling me he needed to go. He is 5 now and I have no problem at all. He even cleans himself. Even though sometimes I have to check and make sure he is clean.