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What are some good tips to help your child be less afraid of the dentist?

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    Lyrickkwposted 5 years ago

    What are some good tips to help your child be less afraid of the dentist?

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    JThomp42posted 5 years ago

    Parents can help children have less fear of the dentist by:

    Talk to children in simple terms about the dental procedure such as dental exam, cleaning and fillings before dental appointment.
    Read dental book for children to better prepare them to the dental office environment.
    Explaining to the children how important it is to take good care of their teeth and gum and explain to their children that the dentist's job is to help them keep their teeth and gums healthy.
    Make their first appointment with the dentist as soon the first tooth erupts in their mouth. This way the children will have a first pleasant experience in the dental office.
    Bring children's favorite toys, music, etc. during dental appointment

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    Starmom41posted 5 years ago

    and check the dentist out yourself first to make sure he/she has a good attitude.
    all it can take is one bad experience to scare a kid away from dentists for life.

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    NourRifaiposted 5 years ago

    the main reason of his fear is the pain he may feel so just convice him that he wont feel a thing and promise him with candy after he's done .. most importantly make sure the dentist is supper gentil and nice with the child ..