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Why does my 23 month old boy hit me?

  1. sassydee profile image75
    sassydeeposted 2 years ago

    Why does my 23 month old boy hit me?

    Every time I'm working out or exercise my son starts to hit me I wonder why?


  2. Pollyanna Jones profile image97
    Pollyanna Jonesposted 2 years ago

    At this age, little ones are very attention hungry. They love direct interaction, and if you are busy with something else, they can at times get frustrated that you're not interacting directly with them. Hitting is their way of saying "hey mom, I'm here you know!".

    There's no simple solution to get me time without them getting frustrated, but they will understand that you need to do some tasks independently of them. Make up for it with some quality time together, tickles, crafts, making a big fuss with cuddles after you've finished, etc.

    Try to avoid getting into battles with them as you'll both end up upset and exhausted. They grow out of it, but it's easy for them at this age to try to rule the roost. You're mom, you rock their world, and they need you! Good luck.

    1. sassydee profile image75
      sassydeeposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Awe thank you what a good answer

  3. Evane profile image56
    Evaneposted 2 years ago

    He might have seen someone doing that, can be in television or somebody around you.