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I am a stay at home mom, I guess that's what you call me lol. I have an AS degree in business management and I eventually would like to further my education. I love cooking, physical activities, helping people and learning.

I was a single parent for a while with a lot of help from my mother (I don't know what I'd do without this lady). My girls are now 16yrs old and 13yrs old. My 16 year old is basically a normal 16 year old and I see a lot of me in her when I was her age (yikes) but I see more of me of how I am today, which makes me feel much better. However I see that she is turning into a respectful, caring, and responsible (for her age) young lady and I am proud of her and love her no matter what! My 13 year old is said to have mild MR but I beg to differ. She is a little mentally challenged that acts like a 7 to 8 year old in some areas and learns differently from the "norm"! She gives me daily challenges and a lot of the times she can make life difficult for all of us but I do my best and will always do my best for her and I love her just the way she is and I always will! About 4 years ago I met this guy(Jimmy) who ended up hanging around and decided to make a life with us, and I give him a lot of credit for that because "we" can be tough to handle but, he knows that at the end of the day he is loved and cared for by all 3 of us and especially now that he has added an addition to our lives our son Ethan James he is almost 14 months old and we all love him to death we couldn't imagine our lives without him!!!!!!

Almost everything I do in my life pertains to them (my kids) and most of my choices in life are considered with the thoughts of how it will affect them and whether or not it will benefit them for the good. However I am human and sometimes I make the wrong choices but it's okay because I do learn from them or try to. So whatever I write about are mostly coming from my life experiences and what I have learned about living!

Read my Hubs and hopefully you can learn something if not maybe get informed or maybe even just a little entertained, oh and don't hesitate to give me feed back I like reading others opinions about my writings! :)

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