If you're uncomfortable with homosexuality, how would you feel if your child tol

  1. Aime F profile image84
    Aime Fposted 23 months ago

    If you're uncomfortable with homosexuality, how would you feel if your child told you they were gay?

    Inspired by another question which apparently went down the crapper.

    If you don't like the idea of homosexuality but your child told you s/he was gay, would you try to understand/support them?  Or would you tell them to "get back in the closet"? 

    And as sort of another follow-up question, if you feel that media promotes homosexuality and is a negative influence, would you forbid your child to be friends with a gay student at their school for fear of them being influenced?

  2. fpherj48 profile image77
    fpherj48posted 23 months ago

    First I should say I am not uncomfortable with homosexuality.  My "children" are all now married men (to women) with families.  If at some point in their lives they told me they were gay I would appreciate their honesty & openness and love them just as much as I always have & always will.
    I would not ever have "forbidden" my children from being friends with a gay student.  None of my sons were weak-minded individuals who could be "influenced" by anyone to do or be anything they simply are not.  I've always had complete faith and trust in my sons to be the best of everything they can possibly be, treat others with fairness and respect and work for their achievements, remain true to themselves & look out for one another.

  3. gmwilliams profile image82
    gmwilliamsposted 23 months ago


    Not uncomfortable w/ homosexuality at all.  In fact, there is a total acceptance of homosexuality on my part.  Gender orientation whether heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual are non-issues to me.   

    To digress, what I am quite uncomfortable, even annoyed with are parents who willingly/knowingly have children when they can't afford them & parents who have large/very large families knowing that by such actions, children will be neglected & will have DECREASED educational & socioeconomic opportunities-THAT SETS ME OFF.  If my child insisted on having children h/she couldn't afford & a large/very large family, I would feel that SOMETHING was SERIOUS AMISS w/my child, given my pro-family planning stance.

    Now returning to the subject at hand, if I have a child & h/she informed me that h/she was part of the LBGT community, so what!   H/she is my child & I WILL LOVE HIM/HER TO DEATH!!!    Also, I won't mind if my child(if heterosexual) have friends from the LGBT community.  LGBT issues are HUMAN issues- we all are ONE.


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