Why the negative stigma?

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    Daelynne Marshposted 13 months ago

    Why the negative stigma?

    On December 1, 2016, I gave birth to my first child. I know, this is quite a normal thing in life. The only difference between me and billions of women is when I had my daughter, I was only 17 years old.

    Since becoming pregnant, I had a ridiculous amount of hatred being thrown my way. I had people telling me they hoped my daughter was born with downs syndrome (she was born perfectly healthy) or that I'd miscarry. To this day I still don't understand it.

    How can anyone wish something like that on a child? What is so wrong with teenage moms? My daughter is happy, healthy, and WELL loved.


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    fpherj48posted 13 months ago

    Daelynne.....I'm afraid I don't want to know who these nasty people are who have been around you, making such hateful, unacceptable remarks to you regarding you or especially, your innocent baby.  This is terribly cruel and ignorant.
    I wish you and your precious baby daughter, the best of everything.  Please be happy and healthy, love each other and avoid the idiots!!   Peace,, Paula

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    RTalloniposted 13 months ago

    First, the nicest way to put it is to say that people responsible for such comments are not responsible people. That is not the village you or your child need to grow up in.

    That said, there are issues with parenting that grownups would naturally be concerned about when teens have babies.  Being concerned about them is not a bad thing, only bad responses to the concerns are bad.  Good responses are those that are truly helpful (not just ones that make you feel good).

    For instance, one question responsible grownups would have is whether a teen mother is teachable because there is a lot about life they still need to learn.  As you alluded to, giving birth happens everyday.  However, fewer and fewer parents raise their children mindfully and with high purpose because they haven't been taught how crucial it is to do so. 

    I'm thankful that your precious baby girl is healthy and well-loved.  May you both know the abundant life in Jesus the Christ that allows you to search out the riches of God's grace and His wisdom for living.