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Would you kick out your kid if they were pregnant or got someone else pregnant?

  1. Zaiden Jace profile image68
    Zaiden Jaceposted 7 years ago

    Would you kick out your kid if they were pregnant or got someone else pregnant?

    Your daughter is pregnant or your son knocked up a girl, would you kick them out?

  2. sarasca profile image73
    sarascaposted 7 years ago

    I was a "kicked out" kid when I found out just after turning 17 that I was pregnant.  It was either leave the family home or get an abortion...so I left.
    As for whether I'd give my own kid the boot if he/she ended up pregnant or impregnating someone, I would have to say "no" at this point, but I wouldn't raise the child for them, either.
    If a youngster thinks they are responsible enough to become a parent when they are still a kid themselves, then they need to have a nice dose of reality once the baby is born and be the totally responsible party for the baby's well-being.
    Too many young people today treat having a child like it's nothing more than buying a Cabbage Patch Doll, and don't have a clue what being a parent is really about.  When the newness wears off and they still want to go out partying and acting like idiots, there are also too many family members willing to step in and take care of the babies instead of making the baby-momma or baby-daddy understand where their priorities NOW lay since they brought another life into this world.
    Kicking a kid out because of a pregnancy does nothing but ensure that your future grandchild starts out life in a state of wretched poverty with TERRIBLE parents to begin with and NO positive role models in their lives at all.  And yes, I think kids raising kids are definitely crappy parents, since they don't have a clue what life is about yet.

  3. dabeaner profile image55
    dabeanerposted 7 years ago

    No, get them an abortion.  Problem solved.  Unless, of course, you are a religious wacko opposed to abortion.  Of course that is just one problem that stupid religions cause.

    1. gmwilliams profile image86
      gmwilliamsposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      I totally agree.  I am not a mother but if the abovementioned occurred, I would suggest abortion because teenagers are too young to be parents at this point.  I would never abandon my teenager and kick him/her out.  That would be quite atavistic!

  4. womenintouch profile image61
    womenintouchposted 7 years ago

    No this is when they need you the most; I would sit down and talk to them about the responsibility behind this decision to do an adult act. They must take ownership of their decision. Tell them that you need to communicate and find out when the two of you lost communication on this subject. Let them know you care and love them and are willing to stick by them as long as they do the right thing. They need to know that dropping out of school is not an option. They need to get a good education now more than ever since they have someone depending on them to provide for them. They have to be a leader in the life of someone one else, and they must push aside their ego for another who needs them to be there in good and hard times. Let your child know to respect the other parent in this situation, it took two to make the choice to create this child. There is no room for negative comments from neither side. You must remain netural in this whole matter; your child is not an angel as you thought. Find a support group get into a church with the right programs for teen parents and let love be the driving force from this day forward

  5. Sesshoumaru2st profile image58
    Sesshoumaru2stposted 6 years ago

    First solution, abortion.Now that we got over that little obstacle,lets say you could never do such a harsh thing.If you have the finance and the time to take care of your daughter's kid( assuming she is a high schooler) then i say go ahead and keep her.There is also another great option. If it's a daughter,you can always file for child support.Yup,that's one of the popular ways the females go about it smile. In all and all,if you're ganna keep her, make sure the child support bill reaches your front door.As for the son,he have to get a job if he is out of school.Man that's a bad situation to be in. I hope it's not you Zaiden,or else that would so suck for you :p

  6. delaneyworld profile image79
    delaneyworldposted 6 years ago

    I can only answer this question for myself, but I know that if my daughter ever became pregnant at a young age, I would support her.  I would support her in whatever she decided to do.  It's never easy to have a child at an early age, but if she wanted to keep her baby, I would absolutely be there for her.  Time passes so quickly, before you know it your child will figure out how to support themselves and their child and you will remain a part of their lives.

    I would never kick my daughter out.  I would be too concerned about what might happen to her out in the world all alone.  At home she is safe and I can help guide her and help her to become independent. 

    I am not a fan of abortion, but if she chose that route, again, I would support her.  Also, if she didn't want to keep her child, but didn't want to terminate the pregnancy I would help her with adoption. 

    My goal as a mom first is to make sure my daughter is safe and care for, next to guide her to independence, all the while assuring her that she is loved and our relationship doesn't end because she made a mistake.

  7. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    A world renowned celebrity in her autobiography related how she became unexpectedly pregnant while she was a senior in high school.   This celebrity further related that she was quite apprehensive about the situation.   She divulged that her first... read more

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    Chloe2014posted 3 years ago

    No way, Whats kicking them to the curb going to achieve? i wouldn't make them get an abortion either. it wouldn't be easier but i'd work through it i'd respond the same way id hope my mother or father would if it were me. Some parents need to take a step back. Obviously if there were very young like under the age of 14 i would be disgusted there were even having sex. But it todays world if you want to loose the relationship with your child you only have to give them a push.

  9. emilyzeinert profile image61
    emilyzeinertposted 3 years ago

    Absolutely not. I was a teen parent myself and all I needed was support and guidance to become the best mother I could be.
    I now have 3 children and if any of them were to get into that situation, I would assist them in every sense to ensure they were mature and loving parents.

  10. profile image59
    Deb61410posted 2 years ago

    I became pregnant at 18. I was in 11th grade. My mother first told me I was getting an abortion and that was the only time I have EVER looked my mom in the face and said "no, I'm really not, f*** you for even saying that".
    With that being said she apologized and we talked about adoption or keeping the child.
    She told me " if you are old enough to have sex, you are old enough to handle the consequences of your actions, this is your child and if you decide to keep it you will raise it, I will help some but this is your child and your responsibility ". If it wasn't for her being so supportive of my decision to keep my child, I would have chosen adoption and wouldn't have my, now 5 year old, and my 2 other children.

    So, no I don't think throwing them out solves anything, if anything it makes the whole situation worse for your child.

  11. Moon Daisy profile image83
    Moon Daisyposted 2 years ago

    No, of course not.  Then they and the baby would have nowhere to live, no food and no money.  Who would want their child and grandchild to be in that situation?