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Is it okay for a parent to bathe with their infant child or toddler? If so, why?

  1. APPetty profile image91
    APPettyposted 13 months ago

    Is it okay for a parent to bathe with their infant child or toddler? If so, why? If not, why?

    Many feel with rampant pedophilia and sexual abuse, it's crossing the line. Others feel if the parent or guardian is covered up, then it's innocent and no harm done. However, where is that line drawn?

  2. tamarawilhite profile image92
    tamarawilhiteposted 13 months ago

    Japan regularly has parents taking baths with young children so that the child cannot drown in the tub.

  3. Aime F profile image84
    Aime Fposted 13 months ago

    Of course it is, as long as the child is okay with it.  I still take baths with my 5 year old occasionally and will do so until she doesn't want me to anymore.  I'm sure there will be a point where she's uncomfortable with it and of course I would stop then, but that's definitely not now.  I hate that people sexualize parent/children relationships so easily.  I nursed my daughter until she was 3 and read comments about that being child abuse, too.  I also had someone report a photo on Facebook of her with no top on when she was barely over 1.  Personally I'm more concerned about the thoughts/behaviour of the people sexualizing this stuff than I am the people doing it.

  4. Kathleen Cochran profile image81
    Kathleen Cochranposted 12 months ago

    At the age of 5 my daughter discouraged a would-be exhibitionist (and God only knows what else he would have been) by telling him that wasn't his sneaky snake, it was his penis.  She wouldn't have known that if she hadn't regularly showered with her Daddy.  At an appropriate age, she established her own boundaries for privacy.  She was never upset by this experience until she was older and realized what had actually happened.  At that point, she decided she would be open with her children concerning their bodies, as her parents had been.