Why is it easier to be harder on children who are not yours?

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    Jessica Burleskiposted 10 months ago

    Why is it easier to be harder on children who are not yours?

    I have a 2 year old son with a baby on the way and my other half has a 2 year old daughter and it seems neither one of us can parent the kids the same, we tend to be more lenient with our own child.

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    dashingscorpioposted 10 months ago


    Under your circumstance it's probably because both of you feel you're the "only one" truly connected to (your) child and feel a sense of guilt & obligation to be supportive in a "blended" family.
    You're fully aware the child has only one biological parent in the household instead of two. Unintentionally you've formed an alliance because each of you had a child before you had each other. When you and your "other half" are married and believe it will be "permanent" odds are you'll both see the kids as (ours).
    Aside from that it's not uncommon for people to have "blinders" on when it comes to those they love dearly. We even see this when it comes dating and ignoring "red flags".
    We always look for ways to forgive and give second chances.