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Is surrogacy helpful after miscarriage?

  1. Hannah Watson profile image61
    Hannah Watsonposted 7 months ago

    Is surrogacy helpful after miscarriage?

    Hi! I got married at age of 33. Mine was love marriage. Me and my husband love to have children. Getting pregnant was not an easy road for me. This year I had a miscarriage in 32nd week of pregnancy. Doctor has told me this is due to thin lining of uterus and low estrogen level. The loss of my child is still painful for me. I am depressed and thoughts of never having baby haunts me. I want to know if surrogacy is suitable for me in this situation? Will it be painful and long process? I am not sure whether there will be miscarriage again.Me and my husband are searching for appropriate solution.

  2. profile image61
    Katherine Grantposted 3 months ago

    Firstly I am sorry for your loss. It is never easy for a mother to lose her child. Miscarriages are really difficult. I myself had to have my uterus removed because of complications. That was a dark time for me as well. However, I had my husband with me to help me get through that difficult time. As for your problem I would advise you to consult several doctors. If all of them have the same opinion about your ability to give birth then I would suggest alternate means. Personally I think surrogacy is a very good option. I myself had my son through surrogacy. The key with surrogacy is finding a good clinic. If you can do that then half your work is already done. My clinic was really good. They allowed me infinite number of attempt to get my surrogate pregnant. Along with that they handled all of the legal side of things for me. The doctors were really nice and answered all of my questions. My surrogate was really nice as well and I kept in contact with her throughout the pregnancy. I thank the clinic everyday because it is because of them that I have been able to have a child. Today I love my son and I am in a happy marriage without surrogacy that might not have been possible. So I strongly urge you to consider it.