The donut emergency

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    OriginalMomarazziposted 9 years ago

    Today is my babys birthday. It really hard to believe that my tiny baby girl is 5 year old today, but its true. Being the mother that I am, I am completely unprepared for any of the days events. But I improvise and since I am so creative it usually works out well for everyone!

    This morning we got ready in time so I suggested that we have breakfast at dunkin donuts. This is a bonus for me (caramel latte) and I can pick up a few dozen donuts to take in for her birthday at school. Have you seen the prices of cupcakes these days? UNBELIEVABLE. And baking them myself is out of the question, I mean we want the kids to LIKE Zoie, right?

    So she picks out her fancy, sparkly donuts. She and Jada are debating who will get which donuts. Apparently there are 3 Nathans in the class and Zoie thinks Nathan Warkenshaw is gross, he touched a stinkbug! (I don't make these things up, I only pay attention when they speak. I hang on their every word¦)

    We are having the most fabulous morning. I am so excited that fall is here! I got to wear my favorite boots! Since I don't watch TV, someone needs to call me and tell me what the weather is going to be like because its 83 degrees today!!! And fancy winter boots was totally the wrong call!

    Zoie is really excited as we get to school. She is wearing the new outfit that Grammy got her yesterday. Its a high school musical t-shirt. She also has the matching jump suit and she thinks its really fun to walk up to you and "bust out" the t-shirt (unzip the jacket). Everyone is going nuts when she does it, because she like the most adorable thing ever, right?

    I have the three dozen donuts and feel like a princess bringing food to the poor. The kids go crazy when they see the bags. As a matter of fact so does the staff. This is like the most exciting day ever!

    I peal the kids away and drop the birthday girl off in her classroom. Kisses and we are off.

    I have a fabulous morning except for the fact that I am sweating like a pig. Even with the air conditioning on in my office. Damn weather channel.

    I get the call at 11am. The receptionist buzzes me, "Niki, its Danielle from Tutor Time"

    Its totally fun to have a receptionist and have someone to screen my calls for me. I feel so fancy. Except THIS is the one call I NEVER want to get! PANIC sets in.

    "Yes, Danielle. How can I help you",I ask. I am such a grown up.
    She explains that they can not distribute the donuts because dunkin donuts uses peanut oil and their school has a policy.

    �But its her birthday and she is 5 today!� I am not a grown up anymore!

    When did this happen? When I was a kid we ate everything and anything that someone brought in for their birthdays! And I never got to do this since my birthday is on Christmas, hence WHY this is so important to me. I am completely throwing a tantrum!

    We arent allowed to have the donuts in the building, so we placed them outside. She explains as if I brought nuclear weapons to the school. When did donuts become so lethal?

    When did this allergy thing get so out of hand? We ate peanuts, fish, chocolate, shoot we ate dirt, ashes and poop probably too! This is not fair. When did parenting get so hard? When did they change all the rules? And why didnt I get the handbook?

    I rush out explaining the cupcake catastrophe to my boss. Thank goodness I am so cute, I mean people just feel my pain. He laughs at me as I race home for my lunch hour, who needs to eat anyway! Its totally over rated! I mean I might eat a peanut and have a reaction. (I realize that is totally mean, but in the moment I was really mad. Dont take it personally if you are allergic to peanuts, I DO understand the seriousness of it.)

    I rush to the grocery store. There are tons of cakes and cupcakes, I dont know what to do. I am overwhelmed with the possibility of picking a peanut filled cake¦ I ask for help, I need a peanut free cake. She tells me they dont have any! NONE? I ask.


    When did all the cakes in the world get made with peanuts? This is a nightmare!

    Three stores later I have a cake. I drop it off and sneak a peek at my angel. She is playing nicely. She sees me and waves! She pretends to "bust out" her shirt. She is too adorable. I created her and I am proud of her.

    When I get back to work, I offer the remains of my donut fiasco to my co-workers. There is a note on the top of the box it read:

    For Zoie in Kindergarten
    Blue high school musical shirt
    Very happy, always smiling

    That makes all the drama worth it. She is happy. And all my stress is worth it if she IS always smiling!!