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Family Traditions

  1. winter11 profile image59
    winter11posted 7 years ago

    I love my family and I believe that creating family traditions for my boys is important.  I would like them to value the family they are in and want to carry that love of family and traditions to their families later on in life.  Every Christmas eve we have our family tradition where we dress up, go to church then come home and get dressed in our Christmas pajams.  Then we sit around the tree and we read the night before Christmas and the twelve prayers of Christmas.  Then we sing some carols and go to bed.  I feel like this is a warm and loving time together as a family.  Not many children have these times so I hope my boys see how lucky they are to belong to a good family.  Also every Easter, well the night before we all dye easter eggs and then the next morning they wake up to an Easter egg hunt and they have to find their baskets as well.  Then we dress up and attend mass.  We have more family traditions but these are just some I like alot.  Even me and my husband have a valentines tradition where we write each other a love letter and I always feel that these are beautiful keepsakes and memories to look back on years from now. 
       I feel its so important to create a certian nice way to celebrate a holiday as a family.

    1. Beelzedad profile image56
      Beelzedadposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Would a "good family" follow a religion in which everyone who doesn't share those beliefs would burn for an eternity in hellfire? Do your children also understand this ugly side of your religion? Would they also want to see their school friends burn for an eternity because they weren't Christians?

      Really, do your children understand those traditions of Christianity?  smile

    2. Rafini profile image89
      Rafiniposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I like your Valentines tradition...do you let the kids in on it?  When my kids were young I would write them love letters (sorta...) where I would acknowledge their maturity or whatever milestones they had recently reached on their way to being responsible, or whatever.  They enjoyed them, up until they became teenagers!  lol

      1. pisean282311 profile image61
        pisean282311posted 7 years agoin reply to this

        hey that is wonderful idea...in fact they would cherish those letters for lifetime...

  2. goldenpath profile image72
    goldenpathposted 7 years ago

    I grew up in an old trailer house out in the country on a farm.  Every year the pipes would freeze up.  I remember all of us having to crap and "whiz" in buckets for the winter.  When it started to warm up we had to shuttle buckets of water to the toilet tank in order to flush.  Heck, it would be toward the end of March or so before we would be back to normal again.

    Not a pretty family tradition, but it was recurring and so it was a tradition. sad

    P.S.  After reading I have one clarification.  We did not store all the lovely waste all winter.  It was discarded.  I made it sound like we waited till March before we flushed a whole season's worth of waste down the toilet. 

    Tea and crumpets anyone? smile