Lynn(weezie) Louise Smith I am looking for you my best friend ever.

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    Jeanine Rhinehartposted 6 years ago

    Lynn, I pray you find this I have exhausted all my means for years of trying to look for you. last I heard of you was katy freeway, in texas. My email is My parents still live in the same home and have the same number you can look them up online and call them, they will give you my number. never know so many nuts out i can't give phone numbers out. I miss you, your beautiful smile. and I pray someone will read this and know you and can help me find you. you had two sisters and a brother. your older sister at the time was with a man whois of spanish decent, mexican I think and i think she had a baby then. last time we talked you had  a child or two, Im not sure if I had already had by sons but I now have two wonderful sons, 24 and 20. I am on under Jeanine Rhinehart Hawkins. If anyone knows lynn and a possible way I can find her please , please let me know.
    Love you always like a sister, Jeanine