Three ways to build an ARK

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    mamun155posted 9 years ago

    Do you ever try to build an ARK? Do you know what dose an ARK means? An art of Random Kindness. We are all gifted with some strength. The small size of the hummingbird weighing only a tenth of an ounce, gives it the flexibility to perform complicated maneuvers, such as beating its wings 75 times a second. This enables the hummingbird to drink nectar from flowers while hovering, but it can not soar, glide or hop. Kindness is one of the gifts among all the good qualities that belong to human being and by definition - kindness is the special quality of being kind. So the burning question is how to be a kind human being? You can be kind by showing concern about the happiness and feelings of others in a gentle and friendly way. For this you have to live in the present. Life is not a dress rehearsal. What time is it and what are we? The answer is now and we are here in this wonderful world. Make the best of now and utilize the present to the fullest. This world is a big drama theater, and human beings are acting here. So why shouldn’t you? Count your blessings, not your troubles. Take time to smell the roses. We are so focused on complaining about things we do not have that we loose sight of the things we have. So bear in mind to act random kindness and do not absorbed your-self in brown study.

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