1. msshandriaball profile image63
    msshandriaballposted 6 years ago

    Should preschool teachers be required by law to have a degree in Child development before they begin teaching or caring for infants and toddlers in the home daycare ?

    1. LookingForWalden profile image60
      LookingForWaldenposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I don't know how it is everywhere but where I live the terms preschool and daycare are not interchangeable like you have used them.
      Having said that, a few years ago the federal government set guidelines for a optional certification of preschools in which the teachers have bachelor's degrees and meet curriculum requirements.
      It was far more expensive to send my son to this kind of preschool, but I feel like sacrificing for my child's education is a worthy reason.

      I do not believe it should be required though because the government would have to absorb this service into the education system to be able to give it to everyone for free or at subsidy.

      While I would like to see that, I don't feel it could be implemented efficiently in the foreseeable future.

  2. jeyaramd profile image74
    jeyaramdposted 6 years ago

    Its a tedious process for educators. However, it definitely puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of education available to children of that age group. The first five years are significant in the overall development of a child's intellectual skills. It would make people more seriously accountable towards the education. There are great teachers who may not have the qualification. However, as parents you would be alot more pleased to know that your teacher has this qualification. Personally, I think all teachers should learn child psychology and learn to teach catering to different personalities. Educate through the mind. And, what better way to reach the mind than to understand the mind.