Status of Daughters in Small vs Large Families

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    gmwilliamsposted 6 years ago

    In small families, daughters are more and/or less on an equal footing with male siblings.   Daughters in small families for the most part are not relegated to traditional feminine roles.   They are encouraged to pursue their individual interests.     In large families, daughters are more inoculated in traditional feminine roles such as caretaker and housekeeper while the male silblings do not participate in such roles.   Daughters in large families are often viewed as second class citizens because they are female as opposed to daughters in small families.   Furthermore, in small families, the mother usually has a career outside the home while in large families, mothers are more traditional with no outside career.

    In addition to that, daughters in small families are taught to value themselves and to have a high sense of self.    They are taught that no men is better than them and that is not a men's world.   However, in large families, daughters are very inundated with the traditional role of women being subordnate to men in every sphere of life.    They are also taught to put themselves last and to have a low and/or nonexistent sense of self.