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If you whent on a mystery trip with you kids and end up near water

  1. CLOTHEDSWIMMER profile image60
    CLOTHEDSWIMMERposted 5 years ago

    If your kids wanted to go swimming put had no swim ware  and they asked you if they could go swimming fully clothed would you let them?

  2. Shanna11 profile image91
    Shanna11posted 5 years ago

    Yes because YOLO.

  3. sadie423 profile image92
    sadie423posted 5 years ago

    Of course. We often end up in the mountains near the river/creek and they always get in and always get wet. It's one of the reasons I keep old clothes and towels in the trunk

  4. profile image58
    THELEEDSRHINOposted 5 years ago

    It would depend on thier age what the water was like i.e dose it have a storg curant also on how good a swimmer they were.
    I would say if they were 9/10 yrs old and above the water was safe for them to be swimming in and they were a good strong swimmer then yes why not after all they are only having fun.
    even if they are fully clothed I would even let them swim in thier shoes and socks as well.

  5. LongTimeMother profile image97
    LongTimeMotherposted 5 years ago

    I deliberately encourage my kids to swim in clothes from a very young age. I hate the idea of a child falling in a pool or a river or off a boat or having any type of accident involving water and not having the confidence to swim just because they have their shoes on, or their long sleeves and trousers are wrapped around their legs.

    To my mind, giving children the confidence to swim in their clothes is an important part of water safety. (I even have them jump in the pool with a sweater on when they are about eight so they can feel what happens when thick clothing gets wet. Of course I'm in the pool with them.)

    1. CLOTHEDSWIMMER profile image60
      CLOTHEDSWIMMERposted 5 years ago in reply to this

      Do they enjoy swimming in thier clothes if so if they ask you if they could go swimming fully clothed by them selfs with thier shoes and socks on and you were not going to be thier with them would you let lem go and do it with out you been thier?