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The gDiaper an Alternative for Cloth Diapers

Updated on February 9, 2015

gDiaper Cloth Diapers

The gdiaper is an eco-friendly diaper that provides the best features of both cloth diapers and reusable diapers all one convenient diaper. Now you don’t have to choose between the two. This great earth friendly hybrid gives parents the choice of either a disposable diaper with a certified 100% biodegradable gRefill or a reusable, super soft cloth diaper with cute little washable diaper covers known as gPants. These gPants are available various sizes to fit infants as well as older babies and toddlers, they are also available in a variety of great colors. gDiapers are elemental chlorine free, latex free, plastic free and perfume free and provide a comfortable and dry fit for baby.

Reusable Diapers


The gDiaper hybrid  A cloth diapering alternative.
The gDiaper hybrid A cloth diapering alternative.

The Benefits of Reusable Diapers

On average, a child will use approximately 8,000 to 10,000 disposable diapers before they are potty trained. Every year about 18 billion of these single-use diapers are disposed of and end up in landfills. In fact, Americans throw away approximately 570 diapers per second or 49 million diapers each day! All these diapers are still sitting in landfills where they will take between 300 and 500 years before they eventually begin to break down. The hybrid gDiaper is now offering an alternative. No longer do parents need to choose between disposable diapers or cloth diapers. The gDiaper can offer the best of both worlds.

Reusable Diapers

Cloth Diapers or Reusable Diapers vs Disposable Diapers

Disposable diapers create more concerns than just the issue of their environmental impact. Some other concerns associated with these diapers are their use of polyacrylate (that super absorbent gel that makes disposables swell when wet), dyes, and dioxin, which is the by-product of paper bleaching. Sodium Polyacrylate has been linked to toxic shock syndrome and has been banned for use in tampons because of this danger. It has also been linked to allergic reactions and can be lethal to pets. According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), dioxin and some dies have been known to cause central nervous system damage as well as damage to the kidneys and liver.

The gDiaper Solution

gDiapers are available in a variety of sizes and colors.
gDiapers are available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Why Choose the gDiaper Reusable Diapers

Diapers: An average child will use between 8,000 -10,000 disposable diapers ($2,000 worth) before being potty trained. Each year, parents and babysitters dispose of about 18 billion of these items. In the United States alone these single-use items consume nearly 100,000 tons of plastic and 800,000 tons of tree pulp. We will pay an average of $350 million annually to deal with their disposal and, to top it off, these diapers will still be in the landfill 300 years from now. Americans throw away 570 diapers per second. That's 49 million diapers per day.

The gDiaper uses a unique two-part system. The outer pants, or Little gPants are made of cotton and the 100% biodegradable gRefill is held in place with a breathable nylon liner. The Little gPants usually stay clean and can be used over a number of diaper changes before they need to be washed. The gRefill is changed when wet or soiled and the snap-in liner is changed as needed. Because the gDiaper and gRefill are plastic free, air can easily flow through to baby’s bottom, helping to prevent diaper rash.

The gRefill can be flushed in the toilet, home-composted, or tossed in the trash. The Little gPants can also be used with the reusable gCloth inserts which are made from cotton and microfleece.

G Diapers are certified to be a Cradle to Cradle product. This means that everything in the gRefill will get re-absorbed back into the eco-system, either in a beneficial or neutral way. gRefills containing only urine can be added to the home compost pile.

The gRefills, gLiners and little gPants can all be purchased individually, or as a complete set to give parents everything they need to get started diapering their baby. Another great diapering option is the FuzziBunz diapers. They use a soft outer shell, or pants much like the g Diapers or bum genius diapers, and come with a soft fleece insert that is tucked into the convenient pocket. When changing baby, the insert is simply dumped into the diaper pail and the Fuzzi Bunz cover can be reused if not soiled.


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  • Lamme profile image

    Lamme 7 years ago

    Thanks trisol! I think there are a lot of people who don't realize how easy cloth diapering can be. Thanks for reading!

  • triosol profile image

    triosol 7 years ago

    very useful information. voted up.

  • Lamme profile image

    Lamme 7 years ago

    Thanks for reading our article pb3847. I think some of these new hybrid diapers provide a great alternative to the use of disposables.

  • pb3847 profile image

    pb3847 7 years ago

    Interesting. I don't like the amount of waste that disposable diapers creates, so this may be just the thing to look into. Thanks!

  • Lamme profile image

    Lamme 7 years ago

    Hi akirchner, isn't it amazing all the great alternatives that are available? It's so much easier than cloth diapering has been in the past! It's nice to see manufacturers coming out with these great products.

  • akirchner profile image

    Audrey Kirchner 7 years ago from Washington

    Just the neatest things - all my kids were raised in cloth diapers and I do not get all the disposable things these days!