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Harley Davidson Baby - Cool Gift Ideas For Biker Babies

Updated on August 25, 2011

Harley Baby

Chances are, if you're a Harley lover and there's a new baby on the way, or just arrived, you'll want to introduce them to the world of Harley Davidson early on. The good news for moms and dads is that there's toys, clothes, blankets and more to choose from.

If you're going to be a proud parent or have a new arrival just waiting to join the Harley club, there's fun to be had! If you're looking for a Harley Davidson gift for a baby shower, there's plenty to choose from. Harley baby goods are fun, cute and pretty darn cool.

What to buy for that little biker baby?! Scroll down to see. Plus there's a gift for Harley moms and dads too.

Harley Davidson Plush Toys

Plush toys are always great baby gifts because they can be treasured for years to come. These aren't just any cuddly plush toys though, they're Harley through and through. Catering for both boys and girls, these Harley plush toys are cute, cuddly and embellished with Harley Davidson accents on them.

Bringing baby up as a little Harley fan will surely mean that these plush toys will be favored over others, as once a Harley fan, always a Harley fan.

Plush need not just mean a teddy bear, there's all sorts of lovable creatures in the Harley plush range, including Dusty the little biker boy - so cute! And Road Wolf who is probably the coolest, though probably not the cutest of the animal range.There's also a quirky super cool plush My First Harley Tool Kit, which I'm sure would be treasured.

These items are real collectibles and make the perfect gift for any little Harley lover.

For a comprehensive collection of Harley plush toys, please click the link, there's lots to choose from!

Harley Davidson Baby Clothes

These days it's a trend to see babies dressed in mini versions of adult clothes instead of just romper suits, and the Harley Davidson brand caters for this. Though they also do the regular baby clothes you would expect too.

If you're a Harley lover it's great to be able to include your baby in your passion.

Harley Davidson Baby Blankets

Every baby needs at least one blanket and often they become comfort items. Blankets are something I love, they're cosy, warm and make you feel safe and enveloped.

This all stems from my childhood when I had to have a blanket with me if I were sat at home, it just felt nice to get snuggled up. I still vividly recall my baby blankets and I think that these Harley blankets make brilliant gifts for babies who will probably remember them, just as I have mine.

For baby boys and girls, these Harley Davidson baby blankets are reversible so you get two blanket designs in one.

For under $25 this is an affordable gift that will be used time and time again and is perfect for giving to a Harley lover at a baby shower. If it's a Harley Davidson baby shower, wow, that's cool!

Harley Davidson Diaper Bag With Changing Mat

Not forgetting mom or dad, here's a great diaper bag and changing mat from Harley Davidson. 13" wide, 11" tall, 4" deep, this bag has plenty of space for carrying around all those baby necessities for when you're out and about.

Designed in stylish black, it's great for moms and dads and has the Harley logo on the front flap on a metal plate.

There's two side pockets for carrying bottles and lots of internal pockets to divide items up. The bag has chrome feet on the bottom to protect it. The changing mat is 22" x 11" and the bag also comes with a bottle carrier and two zipper bags measuring 7" x 5" and 9.5" x 7". everything has the Harley Davidson logo on it.

Harley Davidson Baby Book

This fun little book comes with a key shaped teether, it makes motorcycle sounds and is colorful and cute. Designed to promote touch, hearing and sight, this little Harley book makes a great little gift.


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