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Harley Davidson Bears, Dogs, Hogs And Other Cute Harley Davidson Plush Toys

Updated on August 25, 2011

Harley Davidson Plush Toys

Here's a great selection of Harley Davidson bears and other cute Harley plush toys. Perfect Harley gifts for kids and those of us Harley fans who haven't quite grown out of the 'can't resist a plush toy' phase!

Just to warn you, this page is full of Harley cuteness, these bears and the other plush toys are adorable. If you are looking for a Harley Davidson gift, starting or adding to a Harley collection, these bears and other toys are ideal.

Below you will find a great range of Harley bears, dogs, hogs and plenty of other gorgeous Harley plush toys. If you are looking for something a little different, check out the Harley Davidson plush tool Kit, it's beyond cute!

Harley Davidson Bears

Great for boys and girls, these Harley bears are begging to be cuddled!

Unlike most generic bears, these have characters all of their own. They are cute, cuddly and they all look really cool. What little Harley lover wouldn't want to snuggle up to one of these at night?!

Harley Davidson plush toys are high quality, fun and most of all, soft and squishy for lots of hugs and love.

If bears are your plushy of choice, here's a great selection to choose from.

I've listed all Harley Davidson bears currently available on Amazon at the time of writing, and what's cool about this selection is that if you are looking for a boyish bear or girlie bear, the choices are here as well as the unisex ones.

These bears make great gifts for any occasion and don't forget, it isn't just the little ones who love to snuggle up with a plush toy now and then.

These and the rest of the selection below would make lovely gifts for Valentine's or a similar occasion that requires a bit of cute romance.

Harley Davidson bears and their other plush toys are adorable, and take note of the prices, these are top quality Harley Davidson plush toys at super affordable low prices.

If you're buying as a gift, you'll be a getting a real bargain without your recipient knowing. Harley Davidson is top quality after all!

For a very special Harley Christmas gift, check out the Holiday Rider VII bear, he comes in a regular size of 13" or a jumbo size of 25". He's a Harley bear dressed up as santa, and you can remove his beard, that's pretty darn cool!

Harley Davidson Plush Dogs

Any Harley Davidson lover who's a fan of dogs would love these! Lifelike and with a great choice of breeds these Harley plush dogs are way too cute, they deserve a spot on your bed!

There's a lot of plush dog toys around, a huge amount. But really, there's no comparison. These Harley Davidson plush dogs are amazingly cute, cuddly and lifelike.

Something else to take note of is the price. You're getting Harley Davidson quality products, they are well made, soft and silky to the touch, these aren't just any plush toys.

I hate to use the word cheap in association with Harley Davidson, as it just doesn't sound right for the quality, but it's true, these Harley Davidson plush dogs are actually cheap for the top quality and brand name you're getting.

If you have a little Harley fan who has been asking for a puppy, get one of these cuties, not only will it buy you some time, it'll be way cheaper than buying and keeping a dog. These don't take much looking after!

I'm crazy about Harley Davidson plush toys, I think they are superior in look and feel to any other brand I can think of.

Harley Davidson Plush Hogs

I have to list Harley hogs right?! Anyone who's a member of the Harley Owners Group should have a Harley hog, it's so fitting. It's also a great gift idea to give to a HOG member.

Kids love plush toys and for a future Harley rider these are a great introduction into the amazing world of Harley Davidson. If you want to see more cool Harley stuff for kids, check out Harley Davidson Toys, Harley Davidson Baby Gifts, Harley Davidson Baby Clothes and Harley Davidson For Kids.There are a lot of cool products to choose from!

If you want Harley stuff geared towards adults, check out the links below, there's a lot of cool gifts and stuff for the home, plus loads more to choose from.

More Harley Davidson Plush Toys

Aside from the Harley bears, dogs and hogs here's yet more gorgeous plush toys from Harley to choose from.

The best seller from the listings to the right is by far the plushy Harley tool kit.

It's a real winner with people who see it and love it because it's so different and the kids the absolutely adore it. It's really refreshing to see something like this made into a plush toy. You can't get much more Harley in a plush toy than a tool kit!

The next most popular is the cool dude that is the Road Wolf, he's a favorite. He does look super coolin his shades though.

All the Harley Davidson plush toys are top quality and made for cuddles! These are adorable toys that kids (and big kids!) will keep with them forever. This is a lovely selection for both boys and girls to enjoy. Little or big fans, these are Harley Davidson plush toys and they are made to be snuggled!


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