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Harley Davidson Toys For Little Or Big Harley Fans

Updated on August 25, 2011

Harley Davidson Toys

Harley Davidson toys are great for kids or collectors, there's something for everyone. If you're looking for a Harley Davidson toy, below you will find bikes, Barbie dolls, games, plush toys, replica models, model making kits and even Harley Davidson rubber ducks! See, something for any fan of the Harley Davidson brand!

If you're looking for a Harley Davidson gift for someone and you can't find it below, click on the highlighted link to see lots more Harley Davidson gift ideas for any holiday or celebration. If you're buying a gift for a Harley fan, you can't go wrong whatever you choose, so long as the obvious logos are there for all to see!

And now for those toys!

Harley Davidson Bikes

Be just like mommy or daddy with these super cute Harleys for little ones!

The rockers come with a sound chip that makes authentic Harley Davidson sounds when the bike is being rocked.

The trike has buttons that act as indicators, plays music, tells you what kind of weather it is and makes the headlights flash. Educational for any future Harley rider!

Harley Davidson Barbie Dolls

Harley Davidson Barbie dolls are real collectors items, so possibly more geared towards adults than children if you're looking to keep their value.

If you're a Harley collector, these dolls are definitely worth considering as additions to your collection. Vintage Barbies sell for top dollar, so these could be worth a lot more in years to come, especially as they are Harley Davidson branded. Both Barbie and Harley collectors could use these as an investment.

Alternatively, if you aren't interested in their value, a Harley Barbie would make a great gift for a little Harley fan.

Harley Davidson Plush Toys

For collectors or just for cuddles, these Harley Davidson plush toys are the cutest.

Little Harley fans would delight in their cuddly pals. Some of us bigger Harley fans would do too!

Harley plush toys come with brand accents on them. A Collar on the German Shephard, a hat on the Boxer and full attire on the bear.

For a comprehensive selection of Harley Davidson plush toys, click the link, there's lots to choose from!

Harley Davidson Games

Everything that is Harley Davidson branded is a collectable and these fun games are no exception.

Buy, sell and trade these classic bikes in Harley Davidson Monopoly games, or maybe play Yahtzee, throwing the dice from a Harley oil can inspired dice cup. Harley Davidson games are fun for all the family!

Games make great gifts at holiday times, so if you're stuck for a gift consider these games that everyone can play.

Other Harley Davidson Toys

Whether it's Harley Davidson models you're after, either for display or to build yourself. Or maybe you're looking for something quirky either for yourself or as a gift in which case Harley rubber ducks may be what you're looking for!

Harley Davidson toys are fun for collectors and kids alike. There's something for everyone, big or small. These toys make great gifts for Harley Davidson collectors and for little Harley fans, and you can be sure that they'll enjoy anything Harley related!


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