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Little Giraffe Baby Blankets - Excellent Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Updated on August 30, 2011

Little Giraffe Baby Blankets

Here's a choice of gorgeous Little Giraffe baby blankets to keep baby snug and warm at home and when travelling. These cute and super soft baby blankets are so tactile, you'll find yourself stroking them for no apparent reason!

A great gift idea for baby showers, a Little Giraffe baby blanket is sure to become the security blanket of choice as baby grows. Much like cuddling up to a real soft plushy toy, these blankets are comforting and calming, they also come in some really cool designs and colors.

A baby blanket can easily become one of the most treasured items a child can own, so what better gift to give than a really luxurious blanket that will be used time and time again. It's a gorgeous gift.

Little Giraffe Baby Blankets

Over 30 years ago I was bought a series of baby blankets, all the same in design but one in each color. They aren't very practical these days, I'm a bit too big to get any real benefit in the warmth department, but what they lack in size, they more than make up with sentimentality. I could not part with those blankets.

Whether buying as parents, relatives or friends, giving the gift of a blanket to a baby is a practical present that may long outlive it's use to become a treasured possession that holds dear memories of being small for years to come.

The great thing about Little Giraffe blankets is not only the great quality, but the tactile nature of the fabrics. Trimmed with satin, these blankets are so touchy feely, you just can't help wanting to feel them against the skin.

The combination of chenille, faux fur and satin make these blankets the ultimate in comfy cosy warmth for baby. Being enveloped by a Little Giraffe blanket is a throughly luxurious experience!

If you like the more contemporary of designs for your baby, those are available as well as more traditional, non patterned as you can see to the right. Sizes vary, as is reflected in the prices. Sizes not listed to the right are as follows:

Raspberry blanket (such a gorgeous design for a baby girl!) is 29" X 35"

Blossom blanket is 29" X 35"

Zebra blanket is 29" X 35"

Dots is 29" X 35"

Blue/Mocha is 30" X 33"

Yellow is 14" X 14"

Lilac is 14" X 14"


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