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Contemporary Baby Cribs - Modern Baby Cribs For Stylish Nurseries

Updated on August 30, 2011

Choosing A Modern Baby Crib

If you are looking to buy a contemorary baby crib, here's a selection of the best designs for 2010 and beyond. Contemporary furniture always costs more than traditional, but below you will find a modern baby crib to suit all budgets. A starting price of $249.99 is a highly competitive price for comtemporary design as you will see below.

The contemporary look in baby cribs is quite streamlined, very simplistic in design, but with all the functions that a crib should have. Very up to the minute designs.

Choosing a modern crib over that of a traditional one is purely down to the overall look, if your home is furnished in contemporary way, you'll want your nursery to reflect that. Frills and bows and fussy design is not to be found here!

Silver Lake Convertible Crib

This crib comes in a choice of 2 colors: natural and white or walnut and white. The combination of white and wood color gives this crib a really natural contemporary feel.

This is an affordable option for a contemporary crib that is stylish and streamlined.

This crib features 3 mattress position supports and 2 storage draws beneath the crib. The draws can be easily customized to compliment the nursery decor by painting them a relevant color.

Bloom Alma Urban Crib

This crib comes in 3 colors, but none quite so striking as the green one! Other colors available are: cappuccino, forest gray and coconut white.

If you are after a real contemporary crib that is a statement piece, this one has to be right up there.

Features include: a unique folding system for easy storage and mobility, 2 mattress position supports, no tools required assembly and 4 casters that can be locked.

This crib is ideal for small living spaces.

Luxo Crib

As with all contemporary furniture, you expect to pay a bit extra. These cribs are on the higher end of the price scale, but the design alone is worth it.

The Luxo crib comes in 2 color choices of coconut white or coconut white and cappuccino.

This crib not only folds for easy storage, but it also converts into a toddler bed. If you are looking for high end contemporary design, this crib has has that in abundance as well as being highly functional.

Features include: 2 mattress position supports, 4 casters that are lockable, no tools assembly and the conversion into a toddler bed which means that this crib will get years of use.

0-3 months size
0-3 months size

The Baby Box

For the ultimate in contemporary baby cribs, The Baby Box is the one.

This ingenious design was created with the concept that babies grow quickly and that a newborn would feel more comfortable in a small sleeping space that grows with them over time.

The Baby Box has 3 growth stages: 0-3 months, 3-10 months and 10-24 months. It comes with 3 mattresses to fit all stages. It also features 5 casters, 3 of which are lockable.

Once your child has grown out of The Baby Box it is intended to be used as a toy box for storage.

This crib is totally contemporary in design and definitely a talking point!

See below for the other 2 growth stages of the crib.

3-10 months size
3-10 months size
10-24 months size
10-24 months size


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