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Funny Pacifiers - Goofy Gifts For Babies

Updated on August 31, 2011

Funny Pacifiers For Giggles

For parents with a mischievous sense of humor, these funny pacifiers will provide hours of fun and laughs. Perfect as baby shower gifts, these pacifiers will be a big hit, not to mention a great talking point!

Below you will find a fun selection of funny baby pacifiers that have comedic visual impact such as the pig snout pacifier or the larger than life two front teeth one, plus lots more. There's also a selection of funny pacifiers with text on them. Mute button anyone?!

In years to come these kids won't be thanking you for giving them a funny pacifier and capturing the moment with a camera, but think of all the laughs you'll have in the meantime! Plus, they'll forgive you one day...

How To Make A Baby Look Funny

Cameras at the ready! Here's a selection of the best funny pacifiers around.

Just imagine, baby in the stroller, you're walking down the street and of course, people love babies and naturally want to have a look at your little angel. Imagine the horror and laughter (probably depending on the age of the person as to the reaction) when someone gets up close and sees your little darling with a pig snout pacifier, or vampire fangs, maybe 2 huge front teeth!

Baby will be happily teething away at the pacifier and you can have a great laugh at people's reactions. Win win!

If you are buying a funny pacifier as a baby shower gift, make sure that the new parents, or parents to be, have a good sense of humor. You will be unlikely to be invited to the first birthday party otherwise!

It's all good fun and these funny pacifiers are actually adorably cute. They're oversized and comical and that's enough to give anyone a good laugh.

Funny Pacifiers With Text

If you want to say it with words here's the best of the funny pacifiers with text on them.

Here's what you get to choose from in the order listed.

  1. Pull To Sound Alarm / No Comment.
  2. Just Chillin / Volume Control
  3. Hi / Volume Control
  4. Snooze Button / Hi
  5. Spoiled
  6. L'il Diva
  7. Born 2 Shop
  8. Mute Button
  9. McDrooly

If you want to get a smile, pop one of these into baby's mouth and wait for reactions. You're sure to get some!

These are really fun gifts that are totally affordable and something a bit different from your usual baby shower items. 

Life can get a little too serious at times, here's a really simple way to be goofy and have some lighthearted fun with your baby. Take photos and upload them or email so friends and family can see, or make a YouTube video to share. Spread the joy of the funny pacifiers, you're sure to make someone smile.

Funny Vampire Pacifier
Funny Vampire Pacifier


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