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10 Very Simple Tips for Better Breakfast Recipes

Updated on June 15, 2010

It doesn't take much to turn the simple breakfast that you normally eat into a much tastier recipe. These ten basic tips will boost all of your normal recipes with color, flavor and fun.

  1. Add honey. Honey is a really healthy ingredient that you can add to many different breakfast recipes in order to improve their taste. Add honey to cereal to make it sweeter without adding bad sugars. Add honey to smoothies for extra nutrients. Add honey to toast or bagels to make them yummier. You can even add honey to eggs and bacon! In fact, it's a challenge to find a breakfast recipe that isn't better with honey.
  2. Add fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is another item that you can add to almost any breakfast recipe to make it taste better. It's great to add apples, strawberries or bananas to the top of both hot and cold cereal. You can add fresh fruit to plain yogurt or cottage cheese. You can even put fresh fruit such as peaches into your eggs when you make an omelette!
  3. Add dried fruit. Like fresh fruit, dried fruit can be added to most breakfast recipes to give it additional nutritional value as well as more taste and color. Dried cranberries, cherries and regular old raisins are commonly added to oatmeal or grits. You can also add them to everything from egg and cheese sandwiches to the cream cheese on your bagel.
  4. Make anything instant a topping to something healthier. For example, maybe you buy Pop Tarts for your kids. Take the Pop Tart and cut it into small chunks. Sprinkle these on top of cold cereal or stir them into yogurt. You've taken a fun treat and combined it with a healthier breakfast recipe. You have a tasty in-between option that adds to your morning your routine. Likewise, sugary cereals can be stirred in to healthier cereals, oatmeal, yogurt or cottage cheese.
  5. Switch to nut milks. You can get soy milk, almond milk and other types of milk made from nuts. Switch to this when adding milk to your cereals, coffee and fluffy eggs. Both the consistency and the taste will be a little bit different.
  6. Add nuts to your breakfast recipes. Speaking of nuts, they go great as a food ingredient in many different recipes. Try adding chopped walnuts to your scrambled eggs, shaved hazelnuts to your coffee grounds before it brews, cashews to your cream cheese and nut mix to your cereal. This adds a salty taste and a crunchy texture, reviving your normal breakfast recipes.
  7. Use fresh herbs at breakfast time. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to breakfast is that they keep it far too boring. The same person who would never dream of making a spaghetti sauce or salad dressing without adding fresh basil or oregano may never think about adding fresh herbs to breakfast foods. This is a shame. Adding these herbs along with parsley, mint and other fresh herbs can liven up many breakfast foods. Just a pinch of herbs will radically improve the taste of cottage cheese, eggs and breakfast meats. 
  8. Spices are also great for breakfast recipes. Those recipes that can't handle herbs as strong as those suggested above may benefit from the addition of various spices. Cinnamon and nutmeg are great choices for adding to cereals, breakfast drinks like coffee and tea and even on top of some toasts and breads.
  9. Turn solids into liquids. Make use of your blender or food processor and turn your normal solid breakfast foods into smoothies and shakes. This doesn't work well with meat-and-eggs, of course. However, it's a great choice for everything from yogurts to cereals. Add milk and/or juice and fresh fruit to improve the taste and consistency of the liquid breakfast. This is great for people who need to eat breakfast on the go!
  10. Add food coloring. This doesn't add nutritional value but it sure adds fun to your food. A popular choice is to add green food coloring to breakfast recipes to make "green eggs and ham". You can add red food coloring to any breakfast at Valentine's Day (for love) or Halloween (for a bloody breakfast). Have fun with color and your breakfast recipes will be so much more fun.


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  • jestone profile image


    8 years ago from America!

    I always use fresh herbs from my garden in my eggs and my family loves them. Great simple tips, thanks.

    Keep on hubbin'...



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