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Around Brisbane Queensland: Local Highlights and Attractions

Updated on March 15, 2011

As I have discussed in a number of earlier hubs, Brisbane, Australia is a great place to visit when you come for a holiday or business 'down under'. It helps of course as with any city or place to have up-to-date information of the best places to go. Here I will try and fill that gap.

Today I am talking about coffee & cafes. Brisbane just like lots of European cities has lots of really good in fact excellent coffee shops where you can while a way a few hours writing post cards home chatting to others or writing articles on your lap top.

One of my very favourite cafes for food and Coffee but particularly the High Quality food is Campos Coffee in Wandoo Street, FortitudeValley. Voted year after year as one of the best eateries around town it is especially a great favourite for Breakfast and lunch. The variety of porridge, Muesli and 'egg dishes' presented is consistently excellent.

Over the past year I have visited many Coffee Shops around Brisbane. One of the ways to Judge in a quick way the quality & service of the Coffee is by the number of cyclists who's visit a coffee shops dressed in Lycra still sweating after a long morning ride. One of these Coffee shops is a a very small place called the Espresso-Garage in South Brisbane. Every day & I mean every day around six seven & eight am cyclist in their hundreds swarm the joint to consume lattes short black tea toast & Orange Juice. Fair Dinkum its a sight to behold.  Despite operating from little more than the space of a standard car garage in a hole in the wall of a building the Espresso Garage attracts a loyal and regular following.  The atmosphere of the surrounding walk-way which is set up with loose stools & tables is convivial and positive.

I have talked before about Park Road Milton here and the row of Italian Coffee Shops these are already legendary & a must do when visiting Brisbane for the first time. Located close to Brisbane's CBD you can be there in minutes by Taxi & by Bus & train. This road is popular by locals and tourists alike 24 hours a day.

There are some days when I want to feel like I have escaped from the drone of the city. I do this by catching the City Cat Ferry to the University of Queensland where there are several Cafes. My favourite there right now is Merlo's.

Another great place to visit for Coffee Shops,Cinema Bookshops& boutiques is Bulimba. Again you ca catch the ferry of Jet Cat right to the Ferry terminal which is at the end of the main street. This is about a 20 minute trip from Eagle Street Pier in the Centre of Brisbane. Riverbend Books is a favourite for the former Prime Minister & now Foreign Minster Kevin Rudd's Family. Last time I was their Jessica Rudd his daughter was conducting book signing for her recent 1st book Campaign Ruby. The Coffee food and bookstore there are great as well.


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Merlo Coffee Brisbane

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