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Asian Desserts

Updated on October 22, 2011

The Asian cuisine is famous for its uniqueness and diversity. It consists of a variety of dishes each representing the different cultures of this colorful continent.

The desserts included in the Asian cuisine are diverse and unique; they are easily cooked and are probably the best of all the continents.

Picking out the best from such marvelous collection is a difficult task, but here is my pick of some the best desserts of Asian cuisine.  Let’s get a look at what makes these dishes the best of the best.

Awayuki, The Japanese Jelly Dessert

The Japanese cuisine is famous for its light, low fat and healthy foods. Their food is usually moderate, less spices less sugar, but still they manage to create heavenly dishes. 

One such dish is Japan’s famous dessert the Awayuki. It contains kantan (agar powder), sugar, egg whites and lemon juice. It is easy cook and like many other Asian desserts does require oven for baking.

It is easily cooked on a sauce pan. The dish is usually garnished with lemon slices and strawberries. The taste is just fabulous.

The sourness of lemon and sweetness of sugar and the delicacy of egg whites topped with the freshness of fresh fruits, Awayuki is without a doubt one of the finest and the most delicious desserts of the world.

Vermicelli pudding, also known as Sheer Kurma. Requires the same procedure, except addition of milk.
Vermicelli pudding, also known as Sheer Kurma. Requires the same procedure, except addition of milk.
Almond Bean Curd (Tofu).
Almond Bean Curd (Tofu).

Swaian, Fried Vermicelli

This simple and scrumptious dessert is one of the best desserts of South Asia.

This Pakistani dessert is easy to cook: vermicelli, known as Swaian in Urdu is fried in hot ghee over a high flame, then a sweet syrup sheera consisting of water and sugar is added and the vermicelli is allowed to cook for 5-10 minutes.

When the syrup is drained, the dessert is garnished with chopped fried almonds. It is usually made on special occasions such as Eid and other special events.

The taste of fried vermicelli softened by the delicious sugary syrup and the crunch of the fried almonds make it a definite highlight of Asian cuisine.

Almond Bean Curd

Almond bean curd is a famous Chinese dessert consisting of agar-agar powder, sweetened condensed milk, and almond essence.

The dish is easy to cook, all you need to do is put the ingredients in a sauce pan and stir.

This delicious mouthwatering dessert is definitely one of the best desserts of Asia and a must try.

Sago pudding.
Sago pudding.

The Sago Pudding

Sago is a powdery substance extracted from the pith of sago palms. This unique ingredient is a signature of many of Malaya dishes. The sago pudding is unique and rich in taste and is the finest dessert of the Malaysian cuisine.

This unique combination of sago, water, soft brown sugar and chilled coconut cream is cooked in pot on a stove and then chilled for some time in the refrigerator. The chilled pudding is served with sugar syrup and coconut cream.

The richness of coconut cream combined with the sugary sweetness and the unique savory taste of sago, all combined together give a taste that can actually remind you of heaven.

Kela Halwa, Banana Sweetmeat

Kela halwa or banana sweet meat is common dessert in India. This rich dessert consists of bananas, ghee, sugar, rose essence, sugar, and ground cardamom. Just like other Asian desserts this dessert too is easy to cook and does not require an oven.

The bananas are fried in a pan and then mashed, water, sugar and ground cardamom is added to the mashed bananas and the mixture is allowed to cook. Once cooked, it is served hot with and garnished with pistachio.

Banana pudding is soft and yet heavy, it melts in your mouth and has a wonderful taste that stays in your mouth for a long time. This dish is a must try.

Almond Biscuits.
Almond Biscuits.

The Unique Almond Biscuits Of Singapore

These biscuits are not like typical biscuits that we eat. They are different and served as a proper dessert after a meal.

The ingredients required for the making if these biscuits are: lard, caster sugar, almond essence, flour, blanched almonds, egg yolks, and water.

The ingredients are mixed together and are placed in a pan and are allowed to cook at a low temperature. Once cooked, they are allowed to cool and are served with fresh cream.


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