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Buy The Best Brands-Jelly Belly The Healthy Sweet Snack

Updated on June 4, 2012

Jelly Belly

Jelly Belly has been described as the original Gourmet sweet and was developed for the sophisticated palate. The authentic Jelly Belly flavours burst from the shell to the heart of each bean, which can take 21 days to create.

Sweet and healthy snacks within easy reach. These are two of the ways Jelly Belly candies are described. Now, Jelly belly candies, one of America’s all time favorite candy snacks, can be bought online.

Jelly Belly Story

The Jelly Belly story started back in the 1869 when GustavGoelitz bought an ice cream and candy store in Illinois. In time, his brother Albert sold their sweets to nearby places. The next generation of Goelitzes turned next to making butter cream candies and CandyCorn at the turn of the century and those sweets have evolved through the passing decades. In 1976, Jelly Belly invented the jelly beans and the eight original Jellybean flavors introduced that year were Root Beer, Very Cherry, Tangerine, Cream Soda, Lemon, Green Apple, Grape, and Liquorice. The Goelitz family's candy making tradition continues to this day.

Jelly Belly Low Calorie Snack

Over the years, as more people became aware of nutritional issues, the topic of sweets, and especially for the candy snack variety, is often prudently sprinkled with discussions of sugar and chemical product contents. Add to this the widening awareness about the health effects and repercussions of malnutrition, and the result is what we see now as product labeling to include nutritional information becoming increasingly commonplace.

 Healthy Jelly Belly

To address this important health-related issue that has a direct impact on their customers, Jelly Belly responded to the market demand for healthier snacks. Part of the answer is Jelly Belly’s sugar-free products. New products are also noticeably more health focused with supplemental vitamin augmenting the energy giving properties of what seems to be ordinary candy products. Considerable amounts of study and innovation have been invested to making them. This is why low-calorie, high-energy, low caffeine, and sugar free Jelly Belly candies are now available. The online pages have links to nutritional advice for a better lifestyle as well.

Healthy Lifestyle

The market has rewarded Jelly Belly with acceptance and with this success the expected bandwagon of copycats. So, Jelly Belly gives aficionados the following traits to ensure that they are getting their money’s worth with high quality and authentic Jelly Belly products. Real Jelly Belly beans look more shiny and polished compared to similar brands. The colors are also noticeably more vivid. The Jelly Belly name is also inscribed into each bean by a white marking. The smell and taste is also discernible by Jelly Belly fans into because the original beans have much richer flavor.

100 Calorie Packs

Among the favorite Jelly Bellies are 100 –calorie candy packs – a must try for the weight conscious. There are also Sport Beans for the healthy and active snack eaters who can eat the beans to fuel a fun workout. Taken in moderation, Jellybeans can be part of a nutritious balanced diet. Supplement regular exercise with good diet and candy eating should not be guilt-laden as it is purported to be. This way, candies can add to a good mood and healthier lifestyle.

Jelly Belly for You

Jelly Belly fans range from avid snack eaters to active health buff that need a sugar boost for strenuous physical activities. Whichever category you belong, you can find a Jelly Belly candy pack to match your requirements. Just look for the signs of authenticity and you will enjoy Jelly Beans exactly the way you want them – truly healthy and satisfying. 


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    • Peanutritious profile image

      Tara Carbery 

      6 years ago from Cheshire, UK

      I absolutely love Jelly bellies! They are more expensive than other kinds but far superior!


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