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The Best Fred Perry T-Shirt

Updated on June 8, 2012

Fred Perry T-Shirt

Fred Perry Shirts.

The Fred Perry shirt started out as a simple cotton tennis shirt, but who would have thought it would become one of the most widely and easily recognised shirts across the world today.

The iconic Fred Perry shirt has has kept a cool and fashionable look , and has been sported by mods, skinheads, punks and Britpop over the last few decades. Amy Winehouse is often seen wearing Fred Perry shirts, and the Fred Perry shirt is as popular as ever.

Fred Perry Sportswear

Fred Perry was a three times Wimbledon champion and the last British player to win a Grand Slam title.

The Fred Perry sportswear brand began in the 1940's when he was asked to endorse a new anti-perspiration wrist device for the Austrian Tibby Wegner. However Fred thought it to be to bulky, but went on to develop his own sweatband and thus Fred Perry sportswear had begun.

Next in 1952 Wegner wanted to develop a white tennis shirt with buttons on the front. The honeycomb material effect made it the first breathable fabric and the fellow professionals loved it.

These new shirts with it's distinctive laurel wreath logo were given to the top players at Wimbledon, and Fred who now commentated with Dan Maskell wore them in the TV commentary box.They were seen by everyone, and everybody it seemed had to have one.

Fred Perry Today

Fred Perry shirts soon became fashionable, and the sportswear business began to grow. Soon there were many more colours to choose from and they started a range for women along with many other line of accessories such as bags ,shoes and sneakers.

Wegner and Perry sold the company in 1961 but the shirts are still made in England using the same unique fabric. Many of today's tennis stars may surpass Fred Perry, but the iconic shirt and logo will ensure the brand remains for many years to come


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