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Buy The Best Brands-The North Face

Updated on June 8, 2012

The North Face

For anyone who walks,runs,camps, climbs,travel or skis,The North Face brand can be guaranteed to supply you with specially designed, technically superior outdoor apparel,equipment and footwear.

Since it's formation in 1968 The North Face has outgrown its climbing origins, and with the Never Stop Exploring principle,The North Face brand encourages an active lifestyle involving outdoor adventure and exploration.

Hiking and Climbing

When it comes to outdoor and mountaineering gear, there are a few brands generate consistent product recall. Because of the nature of these types of activities, careful attention needs to be put on seemingly minor details such as all weather attire. Some of the qualities that outdoor attire ideally should have include effective insulation and light weight design; if anyone has to undergo various weather and terrain, cost would certainly be a passing afterthought compared to the prospect of potential hypothermia or frost bite. The chosen garments should be made of materials that offer the best ratio of thermal protection per unit cost; and The North Face is among those leading brands in that category.

The North Faces expertise is in making outdoor gear suitable for high altitude and cold environments. Customers who bought The North Face jackets have been happy campers and became repeat buyers of The North Faces other products. Although The North Face have been copied over the years, yet somehow, the brand seems to have achieved a balanced formula of quality and cost; qualities that give tribute to its humble origins.

North Face Jackets

To go back where they started and according to outdoor hiking lore, the north side of a mountains in the northern hemisphere are traditionally colder, icier and tougher to climb than through other mountain routes; and this is where The North Face got its name. Because experienced hikers founded The North Face in the 60's, they have had numerous opportunities to test the product in the intended environment. This is probably why The North Face became one of the leading brands by the time hikers climbed the cold peaks in the 1980's; with its expanded catalog of outdoor wear and equipment.

The North Face jackets are also know for being warm and comfortable as well as for being durable. It is not uncommon to find an old time The North Face customer whose article of clothing has lasted more than 10 years and still remain functional. Such is the reputation built by The North Face over the years. And, although bargain shops and flea markets may offer an alternative venue for selling outdoor equipment but still The North Face keeps a foothold on its formidable market share, and for good reason.

The North Face Brand

IIn more recent developments, The North Face seems to be evolving or at least expanding its clothing line from the originally predominant outdoor sports gear to appeal to the more fashionable crowd. Displaying a famous brand proudly on a jacket seems only to increase The North Face's growing market base. The key to appreciating the true quality of The North Face products lies in distinguishing authentic products from imitations. As you may have noticed in similar leading brands, imitators only seem to water down the quality of the originals by offering copied products with lower prices in exchange for something lacking in quality. In terms of long investments, purchasing heavy-duty products can be a better decision. From a more objective perspective, high quality products for outdoor wear will only come about with research efforts and commitment to quality. The level of innovation skills among competitors will root itself out through the pricing. This is where the best set themselves apart from the rest. For as long as brands like The North Face remain true to their original strengths then their presence may even increase in the years ahead.


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