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Buying a Juice Maker

Updated on February 26, 2014

Did you know that fresh juice is abundantly higher in vitamins and minerals than the juice you buy at the supermarket? It’s true, as soon as vegetable or mineral juice is allowed to stand around, even for a day, it begins to rapidly lose it nutritional value. This process of the loss of nutrition is called the oxidation of the juice. What’s more, you really can taste the difference in juice that is more than a day old compared to juice that is made and drank on the spot. It just tastes better!

Given these facts, it might seen odd that anyone who cares about taste and nutrition would not own a juice maker. These machines can do wonders for your taste buds as well as your health. Add to this the fact that buying and owning a juice maker will pay for itself in a matter of months, or even weeks, and you can see why a juice maker should be part of any home. Read on to discover the pleasures and convenience of having a juice maker.

Who Can Benefit?

Juicing has become it's own subculture, in some ways. Some people swear by juicing because of the nutritional value, and some even swear by it's healing properties. But depending on who you ask, you might find different reasons people juice.

Weight Loss: Many people do a juice fast to jump start their weight loss. A juice fast can be a very difficult thing to begin, as you will be hungry, but people have reported after getting past the initial discomfort of feeling hungry, they feel energized and even have a clean feeling. Most importantly, people can lose up to one pound a day on a juice fast. Some people go on juice fasting diets until they reach their goal weight, and report no side effects from the excessive weight loss, but you should always consult with your doctor before doing a diet, particularly one with such extreme results as a juice fast.

Energy: People report that after the initial discomfort of a juice fast, their body feels less sluggish and they are more focused. But you don't need to do a fast to get those results. While it can be a good place to begin, a three day cleansing fast would be enough to get the feel of being more energetic from a juice fast. The natural components in freshly juiced drinks gives your body the essential nutrients it needs to go throughout the day, so instead of coffee, you might want to drink a green juicing concoction.

Health: Cleaning up your diet improves a person's health, and juicing is no exception. Some people who juice consistently or go on a juice fast have seen a decreased need for certain medicines. (Always ask your doctor before reducing essential medications, like blood pressure and heart medication. Also, never stop a medication you use daily cold turkey as there may be withdrawal symptoms.) Those with migraines have reported fewer instances of migraine. Some problems are kept under better control or completely gone after consistent juicing combined with a healthy lifestyle. But even if you don't have any health issues, juicing can help you get those much needed fruits and vegetables into your day as freshly as possible.

You can be into self healing arts and yoga to be a juicer, or you can be an Ad Executive who runs the treadmill to keep in shape. You can live any lifestyle you want and add juicing to your normal day - try it and see how it helps you!

There's nothing like fresh squeezed juice from a juice maker!
There's nothing like fresh squeezed juice from a juice maker!

Types of Juice Makers

When you start shopping for a juice maker, you will quickly learn that there are two basic styles of these home appliances. Both have their own benefits and both are worth checking out. These two basic types of juice maker are the centrifugal juice makers and the masticating juice makers.

A centrifugal juice maker operates on the same principal as most kitchen blenders. This type of juice maker employs a set of rapidly turning cutting blades that mince fruits or vegetables very quickly, shredding produce into very fine bits and turning it into juice. One of the great benefits of this type of juice maker is that they are quite economical. You can buy a centrifugal juice maker at very good prices. What’s more, they are easy to find and generally easy to take care of.

A masticating juice maker, on the other hand, uses a set of much more slowly turning augurs to pull apart the fibers of fruits and vegetables and extract their juice in this manner. These juicers tend to work a bit more slowly, with the juice usually being siphoned off through a spigot and the pulp being extruded through a separate compartment, often at the rear of the juice maker.

One of the primary benefits of a masticating juice maker is that the slowly turning augurs are much more gentle on the fruits and vegetables, pressing and grinding the pulp to release the juice. This decrease in friction helps to preserve many of the important vitamins and minerals in the juice that can be damaged by over working. The augurs also produce less heat than the centrifugal juice maker blades, and heat is another enemy of essential nutrients.

If you have been shopping for a juice maker you have probably seen that the masticating juicers are the more expensive of the two juice maker varieties. In fact, some of the top of the line masticating juice makers can get pretty pricey. Whether this price is worth it to you depends on what exactly you want from a juice maker and the juice that is made with it.

More on the Masticating Juice Maker

Because probably most people in the market for a juice maker are looking into the masticating style, given its ability to retain more flavor and more nutrients in your juice, we will discuss a few more of this juice maker’s benefits. A number of important factors makes their extra cost worth it for many people.

First, a masticating juice maker can handle any kind of fruit and vegetable. The centrifugal makers are good for citrus and other relatively soft fruits, but they easily get bogged down by more fibrous produce such as spinach or pineapple. A masticating juice maker handles green leafy vegetables with ease, to produce some of the most nutritious and delicious juices there are.

Second, a great many of the masticating juice makers also serve double duty as pasta makers, bread makers, and makers of nut butters. Special features that come with many of these types of juice maker allow you to do all sorts of specialized kitchen tasks with the same juice making machine. These juice makers even let you mince meat and fish.

But whatever your needs and whatever you budget, a juice maker is an ideal addition to your kitchen counter top. You will be able to enjoy fresh juice whenever you want it.

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