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The Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

Updated on February 26, 2014

There are many common American vegetables and fruits that are everyday names in the United States - lettuce strawberries, apples, radishes, and so on. But people from the United States are not discovering there are so many untapped produce potentials that aren't even on market! Produce that is said to not only be good for your body, but to also have benefits to their consumption. On of those fruits in particular is mangosteen.

People in the West have just started to hear about mangosteen, which has been well known and loved in the East for hundreds of years. This fruit grows principally in Thailand, the Philippines, and Malaysia, where both the whole fruit and the juice extracted from it is enjoyed on a daily basis. In these countries, mangosteen is used to treat many different ailments, including diarrhea and dehydration as a result of serious tropical diseases and as a poultice applied to wounds and bruises. The mangosteen fruit and its juice are effective in treating these ailments, and many others, because it is so high in both vitamins and minerals as well as important illness fighting substances known as antioxidants.

In the West, these important properties have been discovered by doctors and nutritionists. As a result, many health and nutrition companies have been extracting mangosteen juice and offering it to their happy customers. Mangosteen juice is not only good for you, it’s quite delicious too!

Mangosteen Juice comes from the Indonesian Mangosteen fruit.
Mangosteen Juice comes from the Indonesian Mangosteen fruit.

The Benefits of Mangosteen Juice

The mangosteen fruit is about as big as a pear or apple. The outside of the fruit is purple in color while the inside is white and comes in segments, like that of an orange. There are also large seeds in the fruit as well. Because it is not grown in the West, mangosteen is imported from places like Thailand. Here it is pressed for its richly delicious and nutritious juice.

Like many juices, mangosteen juice is an important source of many vitamins and minerals, with this fruit providing some of the highest levels of these nutrients. Among the vitamins found in mangosteen juice are high amounts of vitamin B1, 2, and 6, as well as vitamin C. The fruit juice is a great source of fiber as well, making it excellent for the digestive system and helping with hunger pains in those trying to lose weight. The minerals found in abundance in mangosteen juice include calcium, iron, and potassium.

Because of the high quantities of all of these nutrients in mangosteen juice, this juice is an important part of your health regimen. As doctors well know, receiving these important nutrients through your diet is essential for fighting off diseases and ailments of all kinds. Those with healthy and nutritional diets have lower incidence of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, bone diseases, Alzheimer’s, and even cancer. Fresh fruit juices, and especially highly nutritious juices like mangosteen juice, have benefits that allow you to be reconnected to your health.

But what really sets mangosteen juice apart in terms of the benefits it brings to your health are the powerful antioxidants that are contained in this fruit. The antioxidants found in mangosteen juice are called xanthones and have an enormous range of positive effects on your body and your health.

Mangosteen Juice and Xanthones

Mangosteen juice has been shown to contain forty different xanthones. These xanthones are powerful antioxidants, some of the most powerful found on the planet. The antioxidants found in mangosteen juice have two effects, which lead to numerous health benefits. First, xanthones help your body rid itself of toxins and to neutralize their effects on your cells and organs. Environmental toxins have been shown to be involved in numerous disease processes, from Parkinson’s disease, to allergies, to hyperactivity problems in children, to most forms of cancer. These toxins, which mangosteen juice eliminates from your system, take a heavy toll on your health.

The other effect the antioxidants found in mangosteen juice is to give your immune system a serious boost. This increase in strength in your immune system means that your body is equipped to fight diseases that seek to attack it, everything from cancer to the common cold. Your immune system, boosted by mangosteen juice, is your very first line of defense against the body’s primary enemy, disease.

As you can see, the usefulness of mangosteen juice in promoting your health and the health of your family is nearly limitless. This is good food, plain and simple. The great thing about it is that it comes in such a delicious form too. So don't be afraid to try some mangosteen juice, whether it's in a premixed concoction, or you juice it yourself. You'll find that it's well worth it!

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