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Orange Juicer Guide

Updated on June 4, 2013

It’s practically an American tradition. You roll out of bed, stretch, head to the kitchen, open the refrigerator, and pour yourself a tall glass of delicious orange juice. Really, there’s no better way to start the morning and chase away the deep thirst of sleep. A glass of orange juice gives you the energy and zip to start your day on the right track.

And when it comes to orange juice in the morning, or really any time of day, the very best juice is fresh squeezed. Fresh orange juice tastes like nothing else and satisfies like nothing else too. What’s more, fresh orange juice is far more rich in vitamins and minerals than the juice you buy at the grocery store. So, how can you make sure you always have plenty of fresh orange juice on hand? Why, by having your very own orange juicer, that’s how! Never run out of orange juice again.

Orange Juicer is best to prepare orange juice and has lot of varieties
Orange Juicer is best to prepare orange juice and has lot of varieties

Types of Orange Juicer

When you start shopping for an orange juicer you might be a bit surprised not only by how many different models there are but also how many different types of orange juicer exist in the world. These range from the very simple hand orange juicer up to the best electric masticating juicer on the market today. Read on to learn all about the different varieties of orange juicer machines.

Hand orange juicers come in two basic types, the kind held and squeezed in two hands and the countertop hand presses for oranges and other types of citrus. The hand powered orange juicer consists of two dome shaped halves, like inverted ice cream scoops, into which you fit a single orange half. By squeezing the handles of the orange juicer together, the juice is released into your glass. For a hand powered orange juicer with a bit more production power, you might want to check out the orange press. These orange presses stand on your countertop and are worked by pressing down on the juicer lever. A well made juice press, like that made by Metrokane, will allow you to juice a number of oranges quickly and easily, all without the need for electricity.

Of course, we just love electricity in this country, almost as much as we love orange juice! For the electric current lover, there are any number of orange juicer types as well. The first type of electric orange juicer works on the same principal as the old fashioned glass orange juicers you might remember from childhood. This orange juicer consists of a ribbed dome onto which you press your orange half. The dome spins electrically to extract the juice from your orange, which collects in a special receptacle. An orange juicer of this type made by Waring will juice 120 oranges an hour. 

If you really need a lot of orange juice, then you may want to look into buying an automated orange juicer such as the model made by Cecilware called the Orange Squeezer. With this orange juicer, you simply load whole oranges into the top hopper cap and the juicer slices and squeezes the oranges all on its own. This high production orange juicer will handle a whopping 22 oranges a minute. Of course, you are going to need a lot of help to drink that much orange juice!

Finally, when it comes to an orange juicer, you really shouldn’t look over the convenience and versatility of one of the many masticating juicers on the market these days. These juicers slowly grind your citrus fruit within a set of turning augurs. The low speed of these augurs protects the citrus from undue heat and undue tearing, which prevents oxidation of nutrients. Thus, juice made from this type of orange juicer is both high in vitamins and minerals and extremely fresh and delicious. What’s more, a good masticating juicer, like those made by Omega, will allow you to juice many kinds of fruits and vegetables including oranges and other citrus fruits.

Tips for Using an Orange Juicer

When you are using an orange juicer, especially the hand held or hand press varieties, you can improve your juice production by preparing the oranges a bit beforehand. This preparation consists of taking the orange and rolling it on your kitchen or countertop in a circular motion while applying pressure to the fruit. This loosens up the flesh to release the juice more readily when you put the fruit into the orange juicer, resulting in a higher yield. For either hand or electric juicers, you can improve your yield by selecting the freshest oranges available. Oranges can dry out if they have been sitting around too long.

By using these tips and purchasing a good orange juicer, you are well on your way to fresh, delicious juice every day. Stop buying grocery store juice and discover the taste and freedom an orange juicer can provide.


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