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Ateco Cutters - Great for Cake Decorating

Updated on April 26, 2011

Ateco Cutters ~ A Cake Decorating Investment

If you're serious about cake decorating or cookie making then Ateco Cutters are worth investing in.

Made of high quality durable stainless steel these cookie dough and icing cutters go on producing top class results for years ~ and as a professional cake decorator myself I should know.

Available in a wide range of design from simple circles to the letters of the alphabet, one of the best features of the ateco cutter sets is that they each come in their own tin, making them easy to keep together and difficult to lose.

Most designs come in a graduated range of sizes making them perfect for projects where you don't want a one size fits all approach, and means you can make the same item in different sizes such as adult and child sized cookies.


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Round and Square Ateco Cutter Sets

A set of round and a set of square ateco cutters are a must for any cake decorator, and ideally the double sided (smooth and crinkle edges) ones are best and give the most flexibility.

The round sugarcraft cutters are suitable for anything from giant cookies to cutting our polka dots to cover a cake to creating eyes to give character. The square are great for any angular designs, and of course if you have squares it only takes a quick cut to turn them into triangles and using a mix of circles, squares and triangles is a lovely way of making a border for a childs cakes ~ especially is you use a mix of primary colours.

Diamonds, Stars and Other Ateco Cutter Sets

No doubt once you start with these ateco cake decorating products you'll be hooked and will want to try some of the other shapes available, such as the diamonds, hexagons, hearts, graduating flowers, ovals and tear drops sets.

Ateco Alphabet and Animal Cutters

 Great for decorating cakes or cupcakes the approx 3" alphabet cutters are made of the same durable stainless steel as the rest of the range.  Or how about use the animal cutter set to make a range of mini cookies, each would only be a mouthful at 1.5" long.

Ateco Cutters - Not Just for Cookies and Cakes

 Once you've got your cutters you do have to limit their use to just cake and cookie decorating ~ there is a whole lot of other food based fun to be had such as making your own animal shaped potatoes or slices of carrots for your kids, or diamond shaped slices of fruit for cocktails, or small fluted edge rounds of toast for canapes ~ once you put your mind to it the list of things you can create is endless.


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      tutorial and template to use by the cleevr Kelly at Be A Fun Mum. Christmas Dove Cookie Recipe from Baked Bree. *********** If you are after further inspiration for Christmas 2012 you can see more of