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Chocolate martini

Updated on May 18, 2011

The sophisticated drink - at home

With a few ingredients and a shaker, you can be making fresh chocolate martinis in the comfort of your own home.
With a few ingredients and a shaker, you can be making fresh chocolate martinis in the comfort of your own home. | Source

A Poem

When you head starts a spinning

And your arms are getting tingly

Go ahead a take another drink of that Chocolate Martini


A shot and half crème de cacao

A shot and half chocolate liquor

Just a few more shots and you can have more


Add a half shot of vodka

Two and half shots half and half

Next thing you know, you can only laugh


Chocolate lining the edges

Of a well chilled glass

Too many of these, they go down so fast


Sitting and sipping

Not a care at all

Stand up carefully, you don’t want to fall


If it’s been a tough day

And you just want to relax

Take one of these and fill up that glass


Calming my nerves

Chocolate Martini understood

This has made my mood turn good


Chugging it down

Third glass is now empty

A little piece of heaven just for me


Strongest drink ever

Don’t you see

After the 5th one, I am very tipsy


I have vowed this is my last one

Or maybe just one sip more

Final chocolate martini has me crawling on the floor


Off to bed

Time to say goodnight

The room is spinning, I dare not fight


A good night’s sleep

Opening dreamland’s door

Chocolate Martini I want more

How about you?

Have you ever made a chocolate martini?

See results

Just in case

Have you ever made a chocolate martini?

See results

How to make a Chocolate Martini

Maybe I am not one of those fancy drinkers. I am one of those down to earth girls. Simple when it comes to drinking. Give me a beer or a captain and coke. So, when I think of martinis - I think olives, riches, and snobs.

So, I guess that means you should start calling me a snob. I have found my new favorite drink.

The first time I tried these, I went to a restuarant for appetizers and fancy drinks. The drink itself cost about $8. To a girl who mostly goes out and drinks a bottle of beer, this seemed pretty expensive. Needless to say, one drink and I was ordering water. However, I did enjoy the taste enough to find a recipe and make one myself.

I have to say, the homemade chocolate martini is simple to make, much easier than I thought since the martini is considered such a sophisticated drink. To make it even better, the homemade version tastes so much better because it doesn't drain your wallet with each drink.

Overall, if you don't have any of the ingredients on hand, the cost of the first chocolate martini will be about $55. (Depending of course on the brand of alcohol you picked and the area you live.) That being said, if you can get more than 7 martinis out of your supplies, you have already made your money back.

Shopping list:

  • Bottle of Vodka
  • Creme de Cacao
  • Chocolate liquor (Godivia is the one typically used by professionals, but others work too)
  • Half and Half

The Process:

  • Chill a cocktail glass (or a martini glass if  you prefer).
  • Set out your ingredients. Remember the shot glass and shaker as well.
  • Fill shaker with ice.
  • Pour 1 1/2 shots of creme de cacao and 1 1/2 shots chocolate liquor over the top.
  • Add 1/2 shot of vodka to the mixture.
  • Combine alcohol with 2 1/2 shots of half and half
  • Close shaker and shake until mixed well.
  • Meanwhile, take out the chilled glass and drizzle the inside with chocolate syrup.
  • Pour shaker into glass.
  • Enjoy 

So now that you have made your chocolate martini, remember to drink responsibly. This drink can be very strong if you are not used to the high alcohol content. Therefore, drink in the comfort of your home and if you must go somewhere, make sure you have a designated driver.


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