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Cupcake Decorating Books For Kids

Updated on July 4, 2011

Cupcake Decorating Books for Kids

It takes a special sort of cupcake decorating book to make a great cupcake decorating book for kids.

Kids cupcake books have to look attractive and be full of imaginative, yet easy to follow ideas. They have to be clearly written and be able to stand the test of time and many sticky fingers. But when you find the right book the rewards are great.

Cupcake decorating is a brilliant and fun craft to do with your kids. Whether you're decorating cupcakes on a rainy afternoon in the school holidays, or having a cupcake decorating party for a birthday activity it's a cost effective form of entertainment that lets kids be creative, imaginative and have made something they can eat at the end.



Find Kids Cupcake Decorating Books at


Super Duper Cupcakes

 This is a great book for younger kids as the decorating ideas in it are very simple ~ but it starts from scratch as takes you through from recipe to design so is a great starter book for any cupcake decorator.

Hello Cupcake

 This is the absolute bees knees of cupcake decorating books ~ though really more for adults making kids cakes than kids making them. Having said that it's not so much that the suggestions are hard to follow as just take some concentration so this could be the perfect book for an 8 or 9 year old who has showed a real desire to learn decorating techniques.

Whats New Cupcake

 This is like the starter version for 'Hello Cupcake' and is written by the same team but concentrates on easy ideas and recipes ~ though easier doesn't necessarily mean easy ~ these are stunning cupcake designs after all.

This book is great if you want to create the wow factor at parties or picnics ~ or just for your own pleasure

Cupcake Fun by Wilton

 Wilton are one of the biggest names in the cake decorating world and judging by the reviews this book has received it does not disappoint.

With this book you can lose yourself in the magical whimsical world of Wilton cupcakes.


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