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Use FMM Cutters to Create Sugarcraft Decorations for Cakes

Updated on August 7, 2017

FMM Cutters Create Beautiful Cake Decorations

FMM cutters are used to create intricate sugar flowers and sugarcraft decorations for cakes.

Often when decorating a cake it is the final finishing touches that make the difference between something that is ordinary and something that is spectacular.

While making sugarcraft models free hand has its place, there are plenty of occasions where using sugarcraft cutters makes a much better option. This may be due to the size of cut out required such as creating a piece of edging to go round the bottom of a cake, or the intricacy of the decoration required, such as the treble clef for the music themed cupcakes below - it would just not be possible to get that level of accuracy free hand (or not for me anyway).

Whether creating sugarcraft decorations or sugar flowers, FMM cutters are accurate and reliable and used by many professional cake decorators - including myself and I can recommend them wholeheartedly.

Musical notes, words and numbers cut using FMM Cutters
Musical notes, words and numbers cut using FMM Cutters

How to Use FMM Cutters

If this is the first time you've either worked with gum paste or tried FMM cutters, it can take a bit of getting used to.

You start by rolling out your gum paste very thinly ~ and I mean as thin as tissue paper. Then cut the gum paste into strips (bookmark sort of shape), each the width of the shape you want to cut out. Press down with the cutter, give it a little wiggle and then remove the cutter.

At this point one of 2 things will have happened:

  1. The shape you have cut out will have remained on your work surface in which case gently prise it off (if it's resistant let it dry for a minute first) and use as required.
  2. The gum paste will have remained in the cutter ~ in this case simply tap the end of the cutter against a hard surface and the shape should pop out. If it doesn't  simply leave it for a few minutes to dry and try again.

You shapes can now be painted if required or simply applied straight to your cake and fixed by using cooled boiled water as glue.

Use FFM Cutters For Decorative Edges

FMM cutters can also be used for adding decorative borders and beading to cakes.

Attractive designs can be achieved by layering different effects in different colors.

Use FMM Cutters for Sugar Flowers

FMM cutters can also be used to create delicate and dramatic sugar flowers.

Each set of cutters comes with a detailed, easy to follow set of instructions and although some designs can be a bit tricky at first, with a bit of practice any one can create beautiful sugar flowers, be that roses, lilies or daisies.

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