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Different types of Asian sauces and marinades

Updated on March 5, 2013
XO sauce
XO sauce

Here is a short list of Asian sauces and marinades that are cinched to make any dishes luscious and fun to eat:

XO sauce

A kind of chili oil, XO is a combination of dried shrimp, ham and scallop. Considered to be a high-quality gourmet in the place where it originated from which is Hongkong. It is used as a general condiment as it gives succulent flavor to stir-fried radish cakes and fried rice.

Teriyaki sauce or marinade

Known for its sweet soy sauce flavor that lives a good taste in the mouth, the teriyaki sauce combines well with different kinds of grilled dishes. It is a sauce like no other and irreplaceable in Japanese cuisines.

Teriyaki means grilled and shiny and this is evident when it is mixed with meat prior to grilling. Meats marinated with this impressive sauce will give you luster you yearns for.

OK Sauce

A brown sauce with fruity blend, OK sauce is widely used in Chinese cuisines. Ironically this sauce is produced in London. Chinese restaurants store a lot of this when it is available. It provides added sweetness and fruity barbecue flavor to various sauces.

OK Sauce can also be used as a good coating for deep-fried spareribs. It is famous in Chinese recipes like the tenderloin with onions and “kung pao” chicken.

Satay sauce

Also-called peanut sauce, satay sauce is a fusion of coconut milk, ground peanuts, “galangol”, spices and other ingredients. Even though is great for grilled meats, this sauce can also be paired with pasta or noodles or can be used as a nice base for salad dressings.

Plum sauce
Plum sauce

Plum sauce

Though it appears like syrup, plum sauce has both sweet and sour blend. It is commonly used in Chinese cooking as a dip for roast duck and can be paired with fried dishes like lumpia.

In some restaurants in Asia, it is used as a base sauce to come up with a sweet and sour pork dishes, giving extra fruity taste and lighter color to classic tomato-based sauce.

Ponzu sauce

Another type of Japanese soy sauce with distinctive sweet, sour and salty taste is the ponzu sauce. Because of its sourness, it is used to create Japanese-style vinaigrettes in modern Japanese fusion restaurants. It is usually served as a nice dip for sushi and sashimi in hotpot and teppanyaki restaurants. This sauce can also be used to marinade fish or tofu. Keep in mind that even for a shorter period of time the marinade can still give extra taste.

Fish sauce

Made from fermented anchovies, the fish sauce which is also called “patis” in the Philippines is often used in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. It adds "unami" flavor to any dish and combines well with all the other flavors together.

Sweet chili sauce

Sweet chili sauce brings well together other ingredients such as garlic, pepper, water, sugar and vinegar. It also provides baby back ribs distinctive Asian taste. A good alternative to ketchup it is also used as a sauce for fried chicken.

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My twelfth write-up in the HubChallenge.


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    • emilgen2011 profile image

      Gener and Emily Geminiano 5 years ago from The Land Where Salt is Abundant

      Thanks a lot for the visit and take care... You are always so kind...

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Good hub on the flavors of different sauces. I love the explanations as it takes the mystery out of what is in what. Thanks for sharing..and voted UP.