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Discover Big Train Chai Vanilla

Updated on July 8, 2010


Have you ever known someone who is hooked by the adorable taste of Big Train Chai Vanilla?. It is a blend a of black tea, honey, vanilla, nonfat milk powder and natural spices (aniseed, clove and ginger) that are subtly blended to produce that amazing taste that attracts most of the people who try it.

It is a sweet preparation ( contains 140 calories per serving), it also contains some caffeine from black tea. No health claims are made for that tea except refreshing body and soul with its amazing taste. It is not like tea, coffee, nor chocolate, as it is more substantial than tea, not rich like chocolate, and not stimulant like coffee.

It is of great taste and yummy, like eating desserts. You will get a little of every thing you might get in pumpkin pie spice.

Some Hints about Big Train Chai Vanilla

* Its taste is somewhat related to taste of Dunkin' Donuts Vanilla Chai, or cinnamon roll with very rich smooth flavor.

* It can be very sweet if you use the amounts instructed by the manufacturer. You may use different amounts, use less than 1 scoop (supplied with the tea) for more than 6 ounces of water or milk

* Add water as it contains milk, yet there are some people who enjoy it much mixed with milk

* There are fans of Big Train Chai Vanilla on ice

* If you have a small individual serving blender, make vanilla chai freezes

* Make Iced Chai Lattes

* Use hot boiling water, stir it briskly and top it off with some cream or milk. It will calm and relax you

* You will find the Hot Chai Latte famous Barista Recipe included

* You can add it to any coffee to improve its taste

* Caffeine levels are much lower than tea, coffee or chocolate

* You can use the helpful suggestions and recipes on the pack, but be your chef when preparing the tea

* Any way you use to prepare it, you will find it delicious. Blend or pour over ice, or serve hot

* It is not spicy, it is on the sweet side with very delicious taste

* It is one of a kind and can't be compared with any other tea

* Almost all people praise the price

Big Train Chai Varieties

There are different varieties produced by Big Train Chai, These are :

- Big Train Vanilla Chai No Sugar Added: although sweet yet sugar is not added

- Big Train Spiced Chai where some other spices are included

- Big Train Chocolate Chai Mix : Dutch chocolate and exotic spices are added

- Big Train Chai Raspberry: contains Raspberry and exotic spices

- Big Train Chai Mix Variety Pack: There 3 best selling Chai tea mixes; Chocolate Chai Mix, Spiced Chai Mix, Vanilla Chai Mix

- Big Train Low Carb Spiced Chai : It contains 60 calories, contains 4 grams of net carbohydrates per serving yet it tastes great

- Big Train Chai - Ginger Bread: It contains Ginger and exotic spices


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