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How to Make the Best Thin Crust Pizza - Easy & Healthy Homemade Pizza Recipe

Updated on June 18, 2011

Who doesn’t love pizza?

I guess everyone loves pizza... and I love pizza, too!  It's just probably the most convenient and healthy fast food that can easily satisfy a person’s hunger and appetite!

What I love the most about pizza is that you can eat a variety of healthy foods as toppings in one single disc of a freshly oven-baked bread.  And the good news here is that you can always make your own healthy homemade thin crust pizza anytime you like.  You don't need to always call your nearby local pizza house and have them deliver your favorite thin-crust pizza on your door.  Believe me, you can spend almost double for its price than when you prepare your own pizzza at home. 

By just following the basic dough recipe provided below, you can make the best homemade thin-crust pizza loaded with all your favorite healthy and oh-so-yummy toppings!

"Healthy Thin-Crust Pizza"
"Healthy Thin-Crust Pizza"

To make your very own thin-crust pizza dough, just follow the simple and easy steps on this homemade pizza recipe below.


    For the dough:

  • 3 cups whole wheat bread flour (or all-purpose flour)
  • 1 packet active dry yeast
  • 1 cup warm water
  • 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil (or any vegetable oil)
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon salt

    For toppings:

  • mushrooms, thinly sliced
  • tomatoes, diced
  • kaşar cheese, thinly sliced
  • white (feta) cheese, crumbled
  • salami, finely chopped
  • pinch of salt and pepper

Use a rolling pin to make a thin crust.
Use a rolling pin to make a thin crust.


  • Dissolve dry yeast in warm water. Set aside in room temperature.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine bread flour, sugar and salt.
  • Make a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour in olive oil. Stir.
  • As soon as it’s smooth enough to form like a ball, transfer it on a stable floured surface. Knead for about 3-5 minutes.
  • In another large bowl, lightly brush oil in the bottom and sides of the bowl. Place the dough in the bowl, brush with oil, and cover with a clean damp towel or cloth.
  • Let dough to rise in a warm place (room temperature) for about an hour.
  • While waiting for the dough to rise, prepare your desired toppings.
  • As soon as the dough starts to double in size, punch down the dough several times and knead.
  • Let the dough to rise again for just about a few minutes.
  • Divide the dough equally into four portions. Form each portion into a ball and knead on a lightly floured surface. Stretch and flatten the dough with the help of a rolling pin to make a thin crust.
  • Form the dough into a flat disc shape that’s just enough to fit the size of your pizza pan. Put the shaped dough in the pan and spread tomato sauce and cheese all over on top.
  • Load up your pizza with as many desired toppings as you like, it all depends on your taste.
  • Put dough in a preheated oven and bake at 500° for about 10-15 minutes or until the cheese starts to melt and the sides of the crust turns golden brown.

Now, your very own homemade pizza is done! Afiyet olsun!


You may also opt to make your pizza crust to be a little thick. Just top it with tomato sauce and mozarella or any hard cheese before tossing in your favorite selection of meats, salamis, seafood, cheeses, vegetables, herbs and spices. It all depends on your taste and culture.


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    • rustee profile image

      rustee 6 years ago from Detroit, Michigan USA

      It looks like a great recipe but --- you didn't say when to add the warm water with the yeast. I assume when the olive oil is added to the dry ingredients, the bubbling yeast water is also added.

    • Kristine Manley profile image

      Donna Kristine 6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Cant' wait to try this thin crust - I prefer a thin crust, too. Great Hub!

    • Wendy Krick profile image

      Wendy Krick 7 years ago from Maryland

      This looks yummy. I also prefer the thin crust.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

      This sounds great! I love the thin crust, so I'll def be trying this! Thanks. Rated up!

    • Katherine Baldwin profile image

      Katherine Baldwin 7 years ago from South Carolina

      This looks really good. We love pizza and we love a thin crust. Will give this one a try.

    • Loren's Gem profile image

      Loren's Gem 7 years ago from Istanbul, Turkey

      Hi climberjames, IzzyM, Onlinehub and Katie. Thanks so much for all your comments and for dropping by! :-)

    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      Now this is a great break from tradtional pizza. What a refreshing topic and with great details on healthy choices. I enjoyed reading your work and look forward to hearing more from you. Thanks and Peace :)

    • OnlineHub profile image

      OnlineHub 7 years ago from Fresno, CA, USA

      Thanks for sharing this scrumptious Easy & Healthy Homemade Thin-Crust Pizza recipe. I like reading this article and I'm glad that you wrote this one. 5* plus recommendation!

    • IzzyM profile image

      IzzyM 7 years ago from UK

      I also love thin crust pizza. Thanks for sharing :)

    • climberjames profile image

      climberjames 7 years ago from Steel City

      I love thin crust pizza! Bookmarked this one! Thanks - climberjames