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Make FARM and Enjoy LIFE

Updated on March 9, 2011


The practice of cultivating the land or raising stock is known as farming. In standard grade of geographical examination there are three types of farming.

1. Arable farming -: This is a type of farming in which making money by growing crops.

Ploughing,seeding and harvesting are important on an arable farms.

2. Livestock farming-: This a type of farming where animals are the important part of the farm.

Milking is the main activity .

3. Mixed farming-: In this type both crops and animals are important to the farmer.

Here fertile land is using for arable farming and other land which is using for animals.

They save money in livestock feed by growing the fooder crops for their animals, ie

by rearing of animals and the growing of crops are carried out in the same farm.


Food is the basic factor for the existence of livingbeings. From the formation of earth sources of food are not scare. God created man and povided the enormous source of food from earth and sea .

Economist catagorize the nation as developed and developing countries mainly on the basis of its industrial advancement.An industrialized nation is classified under developed country but an agricultural country is not.Economic melt down all over the world shows many developed countries are nosing down. Unfortunately inspite of the giant industrial centres many developed nations are looking for food. Food production is not enough to feed the human population. Now we are in an age of scarcity of money. Nations are running out of money. But we see the changes. Climate is changing,attitudes are changing. People are least worried of natural resources. Many food are going extinct. New taste and new food are emerging in market, even if many are classified as junk food.

The life style of the people are changing. Industrialized or developed nations are giving less importance to agriculture or farming. Grains are becoming scarce.

The time is coming where we have to find our own food. If you have a piece of land, it is the time to make it cultivate.

"Farming is the best method for future survival". We have to go back to our begining with our modern tillers to avoid the extinction of food.


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    • NP.QUEEN profile image

      NP.QUEEN 7 years ago from Dubai

      HI JAY

      Thank you very much for your nice comment

    • NP.QUEEN profile image

      NP.QUEEN 7 years ago from Dubai

      Thank you Sweetie.....

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 7 years ago from India

      Interesting hub.

    • profile image

      Jayakumar 7 years ago


      details of farming is nice, this kind information need to the modren world, they don'nt know anything of farming, that's why ur approch of this Great Attempt.