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Favorite Sandwiches

Updated on March 20, 2008

I have found myself with an incredibly hectic schedule lately, so we've been having sandwiches for dinner quite a bit at my house and in my office lately. Lately, whenever I go to the supermarket, I make sure to stock up on supplies that can be used to make tasty sandwiches in no time at all. My hubby likes rye bread, while I prefer wraps or whole grain bread, so we always have a few different types of sandwich coverings (?) in the house.

Grilled Cheese

What is a better example of comfort food than a good, old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich? I almost always have extra sharp cheddar or jalapeno jack cheese on hand, so that's what usually goes into the grilled cheese sandwiches at my house.

My favorite way of preparing these sandwiches is simply to melt some butter in a skillet, place the sandwich in the melted butter, and flip it over when the first side is browned. When the second side is browned, dinner is served!

If you're looking for a way to make your grilled cheese a little meaty, try adding some sliced deli ham to the sandwich before grilling it. For another variation, you can easily use flour tortillas instead of bread for grilled cheese (or ham and cheese) quesadillas.

Tuna Fish

I live in the part of the country that is ravaged by hurricanes periodically, so we almost always have a stockpile of "emergency" tuna fish in the pantry. Tuna fish sandwiches are a great treat. I don't care for mayonnaise, so in my house we make tuna salad by stirring Italian salad dressing and pickle relish into drained tuna. If you've never tried this, I encourage you to give it a go. It tastes great! Tuna salad is great on any type of bread, particularly sub rolls and rye. You can also make great wraps with this tuna recipe.


Meatball sandwiches are a huge hit around my house. Sometimes I make meatballs from scratch, but I'll be the first to admit that I only do that rarely. Instead, I usually purchase pre-made meatballs in the supermarket. I typically prepare them in my crock pot with marinara sauce. It's convenient to put them on in the morning before work, and it's great to come home at night to steaming meatballs, ready for delicious sandwiches. The best way to enjoy a meatball sandwich is on a sub roll.

I also like to make meatball quesadillas with leftover meatballs. While they're cold, I cut them in half, and then place them on a flour tortilla with a little extra sauce. Then, I top them with shredded mozzarella and/or cheddar cheese and cook them in a frying pan. This sounds a little unusual, but you'll probably really love this preparation technique if you give it a try.

Any Favorites of Your Own?

These are only a few of my favorite sandwiches, and I'm always looking for good ideas! Feel free to post your favorite sandwich meal ideas in the comments section below. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


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  • G-Ma Johnson profile image

    Merle Ann Johnson 10 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

    thought of another one. BLT especially in the summer with fresh tomatoes and lettuce and I use organic bacon too.....G-Ma :o)

  • Blogger Mom profile image

    Blogger Mom 10 years ago from Northeast, US

    I really like making sandwiches - like you said, they're quick and easy. They can also be really healthy.

    Hmmm, well, my all time favorite sandwich is sliced avocado and thick sliced tomatoes with salt and pepper and a smear of mayo on toasted multi-grain bread. I really only make this one in the summer using fresh tomatoes. And don't forget - dill pickle on the side. =)

  • G-Ma Johnson profile image

    Merle Ann Johnson 10 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

    Well if you like tuna mixed with celery, onions, mayo and pepper then put it between your bread (with cheese even) and grill...It is tasty...G-Ma :o) hugs HAPPY EASTER