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Flour Soup

Updated on February 4, 2011


A quick and simple last minute soup you can knock together with basic ingredients that are in all kitchens.  Another beauty of this soup is that you don’t have to be too precise with the measurements.


4 Tablespoon Butter, Margarine or Oil

1 cup Flour

8/10 cups Stock

Salt and Pepper

Paprika (optional)


1.                  Melt the butter

2.                  Stir in the flour and brown slightly

3.                  Slowly add the stock, stirring continuously to avoid lumps (don’t worry if you do get lumps you can always blend it later).

4.                  Add seasoning to taste.  A dash of Paprika can be added if you want.

5.                  Simmer for 15/20 minutes.  Stir occasionally.  If it thickens too much add a little water.

6.                  Serve.

Serving suggestions:

Melt some butter/oil in a pan and add some paprika.  Stir and drizzle over the soup.

Fry up some bread for croutons.

Squeeze some lemon juice over the soup.,


This soup is also very versatile, add tomato paste and basil and you have a simple Tomato Soup. Experiment with other herbs and spices and enjoy.


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